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What I do: 

I create content, offer services, and coach women who are in the pursuit of becoming their most abundant, authentic, successful selves. With my book, downloadable resources, social media content, and coaching I offer whatever I can, to encourage women to go after the big dream. 

I'm very big on incorporating the mindset and inner work with the practical steps to develop a well-rounded, robust approach to personal, financial, and professional growth. 



I'm addicted to...

Personal development made chic, and I consistently indulge in books, podcasts, and online courses that discuss the importance of vulnerability and connection in business. 

I’m known for...

Being a charcuterie queen and a bit of a coffee snob. I'm also the friend that is always down for a margarita or coffee date, who will show up with snacks to any given event and can throw a damn good party. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my mixed cocktails are kind of legendary. 


People refer to me as...

The most ambitious person they know, and the nicest. Not going to lie, I get scolded often by my friends and family for being a bit of a doormat, but I am finding through my journey in authorship that I can and will create a professional environment where I can freely be myself. (Hopefully, that environment doesn't have a lot of confrontation. Haha.) I'm definitely a recovering people pleaser, but I am trying to channel that desire to serve in my brand and turn my greatest weakness into a superpower used for good. 

I love serving the world by...

Showing up as my truest self. Working through the obstacles, sharing relevant and relatable experiences, and producing high-quality content that inspires others. 

Currently readingo...

Rich as Fuck by Amanda Frances 

This is where you get to be the whole damn package. 

How often have you been told to "tone it down"? Get your head out of the clouds, snap back to reality, look, different,  act like a lady, use your inside voice, or anything of the sort? I know what that's like, I think we all can, which is why I wanted to create a community and space where you can be celebrated for all that you are. 

I've spent a lot of time changing, molding, and customizing myself to fit the needs of the environments and people around me. There were years where I consciously spoke less, dressed a certain way, focused on other goals, and invested in relationships that took more from me than I could even try to get out. All the while still not feeling like I was ever "right" or "in". 

Even in college, I thought I'd find a "death do us part" friend group, have the best experiences of my life, and blossom into the woman I'm meant to be. Yet I spent 3.5 years eating alone in the cafeteria and getting mocked by my professors for this idea I had. 

During this time I felt so alone in my social setting that I craved to be able to source out other girls like me. Women that were ambitious with big dreams, who wanted to talk about ideas and concepts over good wine and cheese plates. Women that were invested in becoming the very highest, most authentic, healthiest, wealthiest. happiest versions of themselves. 

I imagined that these women would be super vibey, fun, and refreshingly authentic. We would talk about our dreams, relationships. wins. losses, sex, love, happiness, struggles -- nothing would be off-limits because it would be so natural to share our hearts with each other. 

I was looking for a group of women I could look up to and lean on during these years of immense growth and challenges. Not at all saying that I wasn't surrounded by women like this in school, I just think I had a hard time finding them, or there wasn't a place for us to cultivate nurutre these relationships. 

Which got me thinking about how I could fix my own problem and create a space where these kinds of women find me. A place where these unicorns (yes, I just called you a unicorn) could feel not only supported and accepted but deeply loved and celebrated. A place where no dream is too big, no idea is too crazy, and you get to share your wins loudly.

There are so many intelligent women that dumb themselves down for the comfort of other people. Stifle their beauty to gain more respect. Hide their personality to appease someone else. Dull their sparkle as to not outshine their neighbor. This is bullshit and it's reasons like this that less than 5% of women are actually living out their dreams (at least in the professional sense). 

Here at Future Boss Lady, I am going to hype you up like never before. I want to see more women owning businesses, making money, having influence, and being the change they wish to see in the world (cheesy but it's true). My goal is to help as many women as possible live out the desires of their heart, their way, and reap every single benefit that they deserve. 

Future Boss Lady is where you get to be the whole damn package. 

I wrote this book called,

Future Boss Lady


As I was going through school I found that there was a lot

(and I mean a lot) that I didn't know about the "real world".


I was trying to get a job with no idea of how to create a resume, how to write a cover letter, or how to present myself in an interview. I didn't know how to budget, or the right questions to ask when looking for an apartment. I had no idea that living with a stranger would be so hard (and passive-aggressive), and I didn't know the first thing about professional etiquette. I was stumbling around figuring it out, wishing I just had someone to tell me that they've been there too. 

Future Boss Lady is the resource I wish I had in my late teens and early 20's. It's an interactive guide filled with every single tip, trick, and tool I could think of to make your experience a heck of a lot smoother than mine ever was. I got you covered on all things personal branding, professionalism, adulting, and being a badass Boss Lady. Complete with a wine and pizza pairing guide might I add.

Available on Amazon, or email me for a signed copy!


My Story

My journey began way back in my senior year of high school. I was set to go to school to become a sports medicine doctor because my Dad was in medicine, I was in gymnastics, and it just made sense. That was until I fractured my spine and wound up in a back brace for 7 months and it felt like all my plans were falling apart. Then one of my English teachers pulled me aside, handed me an application, and told me that I should pursue a career in writing. To be honest, I applied to be polite, but then I ended up getting a scholarship to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Ultimately this school ended up being the right choice for me, but there was. a whole ordeal about that (you'll get there if you scroll below). However, during my time there I hatched an idea about writing a book for young women like me going through college, their first jobs, living on their own, and the challenges that come with going after your dreams and becoming the highest version of yourself. 

It was a long process, that book took about 5 years to finish, but it laid out the foundation for everything you see here today. 

While I was doing that, I figured I might as well have a "real career plan", so I set my sights on a career in the wedding industry. I thought I wanted to become the next Miranda Priestly of bridal magazines (LOL). I volunteered my weekends to wedding planners, interned at local wedding magazines, started my first job as a bridal stylist at $9 an hour, and worked my way up to a senior stylist and marketing manager role. At this time I attended a bridal market in Cancun, saw fashion shows, met designers -- the works, but I felt myself to be extremely out of alignment. 

It was a super weird phenomenon of loving where I worked, the job itself, and the people I worked with, but I was so deeply unsettled and unhappy. I would cry nearly every single day after work, have anxiety attacks, and I was experiencing physical symptoms of severe stress. Migraines every other day, my hands hurt excessively, I was losing hair, etc. 

Then after about 7 years, I was still haunted by that spine injury in high school. The pain was getting worse every year, and I ended up needing a spine fusion surgery at 25 years old. This cost me my bridal stylist job and knowing that I needed to work, I got desperate. I reached out to EVERYONE on social media and Facebook forums asking if I could do some work for them. By an act of God, I nabbed my first few clients, and within a month I had a full-blown copywriting business. 


By the first month, I could pay my bills, then I was able to rest while I got the spine surgery with having enough to get by and utilizing my credit card a bit. But by December that year, I made enough to support myself and get Christmas presents, in January I matched my previous pre-tax income, by February I exceeded by a little bit, and then in March, I TRIPLED my previous senior stylist income. Today I have clients that love me, I write every single day, I'm a successful self-published author, and coaching other women to do the same. 

My backup hobby ended up being what saved me in. the end. It was always what I was supposed to do, I just needed a push to get there. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, there were a lot of lessons learned and seasons of growth. but everything led up to this moment. I know that was a long-winded way to tell you the whole story, but I wanted to show that all of the components came together and the dream DID happen... and we're just getting started. 

The real, honest, truth? I spent my early 20's feeling shamed, unsupported, and isolated. 

OK, so I love that I got my degree, and I'm so grateful and appreciative that I was able to get my higher education in something that I use today. However, I have to say what you're not supposed to say... college was NOT the place where I felt like I could thrive, or even feel accepted. My professors didn't understand what I wanted to do with my career. They were unhelpful and unsupportive in my work and I was put down more often than not by my peers. All I wanted was to learn as much as I could, build a community, and become the best version of myself -- and I had never felt so alone. It was extremely hard to make friends, I had difficulty with my roommates, 


It's honestly a miracle that Future Boss Lady Co. made it out of there alive. What I hate is that I'm not the only one, there are so many young, excited women going into college thinking that that's where they will find their place in the world. That wasn't the case for me, so I created a space where you are honored and celebrated and you don't have to confirm or be anything other than who and what you WANT to be. Where you are free to speak your mind, discover your own beliefs and ideas, and bring your wild, crazy dreams to fruition. 


In our sessions, we talk about everything from your career path to your relationships, to your confidence, and self-worth. When you're just starting out, whether that be just moving out of your parent's house, moving to a new town or city, starting college, landing your first job, falling in love for the first time, or starting a business -- the last thing you need to feel is alone. When you want a big life you tend to feel a little isolated, or there are sometimes people in your life that just don't understand. I am here to make sure that you're dreams are heard. That you get the support, the resources, and the guidance you need to become your most successful self. 

five things you might not know about me:

1. I was a gymnast for 10 years, and left when I was 18 due to a fractured spine. I recently got spine fusion surgery to help heal this injury. 


2. I am engaged to the only man I have ever dated, we have now been together for seven years. He's my biggest supporter and cheerleader.


3. I travel to South Dakota every year for Pheasant Hunting Opening Weekend, as my entire family gets together for an annual reunion.

I have traveled there twice a year for nearly my entire life. 


4. I drink hot coffee every single day even in the Arizona summer. I love collagen and bulletproof coffees. 


5. I journal nearly every single day, setting intentions, writing out how things get to be for me, and my visualization of the outcomes I want to create. 



I was Cinderella

All of this didn't just appear overnight and trust me, there were a lot of lessons learned before I was able to show up for this community in the way I imagined. You see, I grew up in a small town, perpetually shy, and was NOT the top of my class or the best at anything. I started interning in the wedding industry when I was in college and spent every weekend cleaning up after people, serving, and running errands.


Over time I grew in the industry, became a high-end wedding dress sales consultant and marketing manager for a luxury Scottsdale boutique. By my mid 20's I was at the top of my field. That being said, even at the TOP of my career, I could barely afford my shared one-bedroom apartment in a cheap area of town. I drove 40 minutes to work every day because I couldn't afford to live anywhere near Scottsdale.

I couldn't afford vacations, I worked every single weekend on my feet all day. Customers constantly belittled me, I scrubbed baseboards and bathrooms in my work dresses and heels. You get the picture. 

This was also while I went to school full-time and wrote Future Boss Lady the book. I worked my ass off for most of my 20's, and while I am so grateful for the lessons and the experience, and the people I met along the way, I still wish I had known better. 

I thought I was going to be admired for how hard I worked. I thought that the more I suffered the more desirable I became. I was so wrong, and I should have listened to my own intuition over all the other outside voices, and my limiting beliefs. I had the Cinderella complex for a long time, but now I'm ready to be the fairy godmother and make dreams come true.

Don't you dare settle

Back when I was in college I was hanging out with my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law, and best friend, and she spoke to me about how easy it will be to settle. She said that I will go through college, work my ass off, graduate, and then really need the cash. I'll grab the first job that I can get, and before I know it years will go by. Every time I think about leaving I'll get a promotion and that cycle will go on until one day I will wake up and realize I let my dreams go. Money, validation, and social pressure will corner you into just taking what you can get. She told me that day to push just a little harder. When money gets tight, or I get too lonely, or the going gets rough. To remember that I have a goal and a dream that needs me -- and it won't survive if I settle. 

This is a conversation that changed everything for me. She told me this when I was probably 19 or so, and I think about it all the time. If you get anything out of being here, please take this to heart. It will be so easy to settle. To make mom and dad proud, to get a promotion and feel good, to make a decent living and feel guilted into thinking that's enough. That's the easy route, and it's so much harder to pursue something bigger -- something that puts your heart on the line and makes you feel more vulnerable than you've ever felt. It will be more than just a job, and you will feel scared to lose it every day because it's what sets your soul on fire. It lights you up and you look forward to it every single day. Yes, it's scary. Yes, it's hard. Yes, you're going to be alone in the process -- but you don't have to go feeling unsupported. 

I am here to make sure you don't settle. That you make it, and you get to tell everyone else that they were wrong. You will make more money than you ever could have in that job, have more freedom to discover the joys of life, and you'll never have to rely on someone else to grant you the happiness and future that you want. You are going to be the 1% of people that stick with it, and who make it out on top. I know you have it in you, and I am so excited to help you on the journey to achieving it.  

Branding Specialist

By trade, I am a branding specialist who emphasizes direct response copywriting, website design, sales pages, and online marketing. I work with women business owners ranging from health practitioners, coaches, authors, and influencers, to MLMs, product-based businesses, and course creators. E-commerce is something I know extremely well, and I get a kick out of developing a launch strategy that sells out a product or service. You could say that I really nerd-out when it comes to online sales and digital marketing. As a specialist, I like to be able to do everything and connect all of the moving parts. I like to write the copy, design the graphics, construct the layout, and create everything within the desired platform of the client. My goal is to make sure all they have to do is focus on serving all the customers coming their way. Many of my clients have huge goals that they're trying to execute, so I ended up offering business coaching as well so I could help them create the whole vision. 


What I believe: 

Femininity is powerful 

You must be empathetic to be a leader

Vulnerability is courageous 

Kindness is not weakness 

Strong is beautiful 

Success and greatness is an inside job 

Daring Greatly

As a long-time fan of Brene Brown and her work with vulnerability and shame, I tend to discuss her work with my clients. I believe that authentic vulnerability is extremely important for internal growth, and can help you access a far greater, more satisfying version of success. 

Core Values


Creating a safe space 


Kindess and Forgiveness 

Understanding and Openness 

Working from a place of peace 

Green and Beige Tropical Moms Collection

On any given day you can find me doing these three things:

  1. Reading while snuggled up on the couch with a massive fuzzy blanket, a bullet proof coffee, and at least three candles burning at once.

  2. Writing or designing at my "Starbucks office", rocking a top knot, and sipping on a hot nonfat latte with cinnamon. 

  3. Getting my cardio in walking around Target or TJ Maxx while listening to a podcast. 

I'm an Enneagram 9 in every sense of the meaning, and in most cases, my goals reflect: 

  • Achieving peace. 

  • Finding a solution. 

  • Creating ease and comfort. 

  • Developing intimate and lasting connections. 

Comfort is key for me. This doesn't mean that I don't venture outside of the box or have big goals -- I just want to be wearing leggings and sensible footwear while doing it. I'm also very content with building my empire in sunny Arizona, where we never have to shovel snow. 

Boss babes are my kind of people because I LOVE a woman who on the brink of change and achieving her highest self and biggest dreams. I get a personal rush helping these women make big moves happen! 

I believe that empathy, vulnerability, and genuine connection is imperative for a modern successful brand. 

When I’m not busy working on

Future Boss Lady, you can catch me:

  • At barre class, kickboxing, or weight lighting. Fitness is one of my greatest stress relievers. 

  • Spending time with my niece and nephew -- "Auntie Nana" is my all-time favorite title ever. 

  • Sipping a margarita poolside in December, because Arizona. 


Where I’m from: 

  • My fiancé, Jared and I are both originally from a small town called Cottonwood, Arizona, and our family lives all over the state including Cottonwood, Pinetop, Phoenix, and Tucson. Jared and I live in an apartment in Phoenix, AZ. ​

  • I'm a country girl at heart, as I visited South Dakota twice a year every year since birth, and both sides of my family own farms out there. 



My pet peeves

  • When women get shut down, for any reason. Please be as vibrant. loud, sexy, confident, smart, sassy, and bold as you want! 

  • People telling other people what they should or need to be doing with their lives, money, relationships, careers, or anything else that's none of their damn business. Do YOU boo, boo, and do it your freaking way.