Bullet Proof Coffee

As you can see from my instagram, when I'm blending all these crazy things into my favorite mugs, I love myself a bullet proof coffee. This concept originally derived from the Keto diet, remember that time when everyone was putting slabs of butter in their coffee -- yeah, that. I personally started doing the bullet proof as a way to get my daily collagen dose for my joint pain. I have a gymnastics background and old injuries so I needed a more natural way to combat the flair ups. I can honestly say that since doing this every morning I now have far less pain and some pretty awesome side effects like: longer hair, clearer skin, weight loss, toning, higher focus, and more natural energy. I've had friends say that I'm glowing, that they want to know my "secrets" so here we are! I used to be a 3 cup black coffee girl, plus a daily Starbucks, and now I just have my one cup of bullet proof to last me the entire day. It takes a couple weeks to get used to, but then you truly start to crave and look forward to it. I would recommend this to ANYONE! It is my greatest life hack so far. 

Why Bullet Proof?

Bullet proof coffees are known for: weight loss, enhancing hair, skin, and nails, natural energy, increased focus, healthy gut/digestion, joint/bone health, build lean muscle mass, support heart health. It's filling, tastes yummy, and starts your day off on the right foot! 

The Recipe

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