Coaching Services 

Coaching Services 

One-on-one coaching experience with Anna! 

Quick Question:

Could you tell me your core values right now? What do you believe in? 

What is everything you

desire was possible? 

What job would you have? 

How much money would you make? 

Where would you live? 

Who would you hang out with? 

Anna, the founder of Future Boss Lady Co.

and author of Future Boss Lady is dedicated

to helping women discover their divine purpose, and become their most authentic and successful selves, by creating actionable resources to help them do so. She is a huge fan of utilizing feminine energy to create impactful brands and careers, as well as incorporating spirituality and core values into business and the workplace. Anna believes that you can be a total Boss, make waves, and change the world without sacrificing your inner peace. She believes that the more authentic you are to yourself, the closer you are to accessing a career, lifestyle, and future far greater than you can even imagine. 

4-Week Program

4 weeks, 4 one-on-one calls with Anna

Customized goal setting and strategies 

Journal prompts, assignments, & resources

Free Future Boss Lady Book 

Resume, Cover letter, and Portfolio audit, design, and creation

Online presence audit, design, and creation

Personal branding development, understanding, and reflection 

Investment: $2500

Hey Boss Lady! 


What if I told you that in four weeks you will have a perfectly curated resume and professional portfolio that your hiring manager will rave about? What about a website and social media platform that represents you and your personal brand (and you know how to run it). Or what about a clear set plan that's going to get you in a career you're obsessed with? 

Sound interesting? Keep reading! 

Some of you are college students worried about gradating during a recession, those who were up for a promotion now getting demoted, and dedicated employees who are now concerned about their future in their company. 

As ambitious, talented, go-getter women it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and the good of everyone around us, so much so that we end up putting ourselves last. At work, in our relationships, and in our overall lifestyles.

We are burnt out, frustrated, lost, worried, and anxious because while being gracious and basically Superwoman is what we know -- and has worked so far -- it impossible to keep up with. Not to mention your life and happiness is turned over to anyone and everyone who needs something from you. 

How many times have you canceled a workout for an obligation? How many times did you sit down to read that book only to shut it 5 minutes later to get up and do something for someone? What about the hair appointments, massages, or mani pedis you canceled because someone else's (or your job's) needs were more important? 

Fill in the blanks with what you may, the point is, I can guarantee that you've spent a lot of time sacrificing yourself for a job (maybe one you don't even like), family, a S/O, college, or your squad. To the point where you're now without a gorgeous, up-to-date portfolio, the dream home, money in the bank, a career you're obsessed with, or even the slightest clue of what you ACTUALLY want. 

Think about this for a second... can you imagine waking up every day excited to jump out of bed knowing that your day is going to be full of fulfilling work that you are generously compensated for? You feel a sense of belonging, and you feel appreciated by your friends and significant other because they see you deeply and understand you to your core. You have a clear and distinct plan of what you want for your life because you know for SURE that you are a woman deserving and ready for it. Every single day is fueled with purpose because there is a plan, and the journey is enriched with everything that makes you genuinely happy and excited to be alive. 

In this program we are going to work together on creating you a customized, obtainable, and perfectly curated lifestyle that you are obsessed with. It's time to start putting yourself first and becoming the woman you were made to be. 

You are going to be the woman that ignites a room when she walks in, radiating confidence and high-vibe energy. You're going to inspire all of your friends and peers with your pure authenticity and intention. People will constantly ask you what your secrets are and how you do it, because you will have accessed something very few ever get to experience. That true, undeniable, Boss Lady level of life. 

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." 

Here's what we are going to do: 

  • We will be working together, one-on-one for four weeks. You will pick your desired month and we will set up a personalized schedule. These will be four jam-packed exciting weeks of intense inner work, building your portfolio and online space, and goal/strategy setting. 

  • We will do four calls together (phone or video) where we strategize, have goal setting sessions, work through limiting beliefs, and discover your inner Boss Lady (and how to fuel her) together. We will also work together to create your resume, cover letter, portfolio, website, and social media platform. 

  • I will send you weekly journaling prompts, worksheets, and assignments to work through each week regarding customized topics that align with your goals. 

  • We will customize your experience based on your personal interests and goals. We can/will also mix and match to create a well-rounded experience. I specialize in: 

    • Personal development ​

      • Spirituality ​

      • Authentic peace, happiness, and confidence 

      • Mindset and habits 

      • Relationships 

      • Accessing and utilizing feminine energy 

      • Health and fitness 

    • Marketing/online presence ​

      • Social media ​

        • Copy, graphics, branding ​

      • Website design and copy 

      • Marketing strategy 

    • Career development coaching 

      • Resumes/coverletters ​

      • Interview prepping 

      • Career confidence and personal branding at work 

  • We will work together on your personal/professional portfolio, and develop your own space/platform on the internet. Whether that be a website, social media account, or podcast/video platform. 

  • We will develop a personal brand, authentic to you, that you can utilize and develop on the internet and in your personal life. Complete with a branding portfolio, an elevator pitch, and theme. 

  • You will also receive a free copy of Future Boss Lady! 

This bootcamp is meant to be heavily personalized and customizable for you! I want you ending your four weeks with an overflow of resources, strategies, and ideas -- backed with a solid foundation of your deepest sense of self and desires. In this program we are not just going to discover your inner Boss Lady power, we are going to put it to work and make a lasting impact. This of this as building the foundation that will launch your forward and a higher level platform that you can stand on for the rest of your life. 

Are you ready? 

4-Week Program Investment: $2500

  • 50% deposit to secure your month 

  • Remaining balance is due the day of your first session 

Hourly Rate: $60/hour 

  • Payment due at the time of booking

Customizable Rates and Plans Available 

  • Feel free to pitch/inquire! 

A Boss Lady is a woman who has a deep understanding of her desires, values, beliefs,

and her divine purpose.

She is empowering,

high-vibe, and inspires everyone around her to be their best selves because she leads by example.

She radiates confidence, loves with her whole heart, and acts with intention in all areas of life.

She is at peace knowing that her work, existence, and desires are for the greater good, and she can freely enjoy her life and what she was made to do. 

To sign up or inquire about available dates
Please fill out this form with your desired month,
and your goals for the Boss Lady Bootcamp! 

Add Ons

Resume Creation/Design: $150

Website Copy: $50/page 

Website Layout & Design: $75/page

Social Media Content: $30 ea

  • Graphics, captions, story series, etc. 


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