The Library

Featured below is my personal collection of favorite books and resources. These are books that I have personally read and vetted for you. I have also added descriptions and reviews to help connect you with the best content! If you love these books as much as I did please leave a review on the Amazon page for the author! Enjoy!

Cara Alwill Leyba 

Girl on Fire was the book that started my Cara obsession, then I fell deeply in love with Girl Code, and the rest of her book followed. Cara's books are short, sweet, and to the point and exude luxury and authentic confidence through the pages. They are also interactive! You can also find Cara on Instagram at @thechampagnediet, and her podcast Style Your Mind. 

These resources by Cara are interactive guided journals that help you bring your own thoughts out on to the page! It's a great exercise to do every day and access your own potential! 

Cara Alwill Leyba 

Mindset and money teacher, Amanda has written a book that's changing the industry. She is so real and honest and gives you a whole new perspective on what you can have in life. See the paperback and Kindle version, I personally have both! 

Amanda Frances

More Nicole because I adore her work! These books are step-by-step guides on how to become a boss in your life, career, and with money. Nicole is smart, sassy, and extremely

entertaining. A forever fan of her! 

Nicole Lapin

My personal favorite was Daring Greatly, but I loved both of these books! Brene has a PHD in social working and she specializes in vulnerability and shame. Her books are so captivating and I highlighted almost every page! 

Brene Brown

You Are a Badass

I loved the concepts in these books! They were my first introduction to thinking in more of a "high vibe" way and raising your energy frequency to be more aligned with God. I left these books feeling empowered, excited, and ready for more. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK! This was a refreshing take on burnout and mental health coming from a woman who knows how to work hard. Nicole is so real and honest and made me feel like I could truly look at my own mental state safely. 

Becoming Super Woman

Sarah Ordo

Sarah is an independently published author who speaks on sobriety and living your best fucking life. She has her podcast Your Best Fucking Life, she has written a ton of books and she's bursting with this huge personality. I am obsessed with her energy and her writing. These are small, impactful, easy-to-read books that make you feel motivated, excited, and ready to take on the world. Highly recommend! 

Menstrual Health Books

I have struggled with ovarian cysts, painful periods, and painful cycles my entire life and I've been on a journey of healing my period. These books have been a Godsend and I enjoyed all of them. I highly recommend if you're interested in learning about your hormones and how to synch your cycle.