Beauty is an inside job. 

I believe that inner beauty is what matters most, but there are some products that I specifically use for my hair, skin, nails, and overall cosmetic care. These are products that I personally use and can vouch for! 


I started by getting the at-home Farmacy set that just gets you set up and lets you try all the different options. I felt like this allowed me to accurately test and see what I liked at first. 

"The ultimate Apothékary home farmacy kit includes all seven of our most popular Signature Blends. They contain a potent mix of adaptogens for dewy skin, healthy digestion, sustained energy and lower cortisol levels. Take them all on the same day, combine just 2 or 3, or rotate through them based on your daily needs. If you're looking for a "bit of everything" covering skin care to stress care, this set is for you."


Apothekary Farmacy

This is a beauty/health brand that I have fallen in love with. They are a supplement company that focuses on having clean, potent ingredients that produce rapid results. They have everything from beauty supplements, to energy inducing, calming, digestion, and even sexual health varieties. 


I love creating special recipes with my supplements and making fun drinks with them!

 Here are my favorites below! 

Chill The F* Out Hot Chocolate 

In a sauce pan, mix together 

  • Oat Milk 

  • Chill the F* Out supplement 

  • Follow Your Gut supplement 

  • Seal the Deal supplement 

  • Cocoa Powder 

  • Cinnamon 

  • Add honey or flavored coffee syrup for taste 

  • Top with whipped cream or marshmallows 

Skin Care Routine Elixir 

(Apothekary Recipe)   

  • Better Than Botox

  • Haters Say It's Photoshopped

  • Full Fat coconut milk

  • Honey

  • Cinnamon

  • Blend or mix on high to sip + bliss. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 5.30.14 PM.png

Coco & Eve Skin and Hair Care

Living in Arizona means dry hair and DRY as F* skin. You also don't want to stay outside too long because you don't want to get skin cancer or wrinkles, so tanning is actually really hard. Coco and Eve is the first company that I felt like really helped me when it came to keeping my hair and skin hydrated, and their tanning mouse is the best I have ever had! 

Sunny Honey

Tanning Mousse



This tanning mousse is so natural looking and smells AMAZING! It also only takes 2-hours, and my skin feels healthier after I use it! 

This mitt helps you get overall, even coverage. 

This brush helps get even coverage on your face, feet, and hands. 

Like a Virgin

Hair Masque

AMAZING deep conditioning hair masque!!! I brushed it into dry hair and wore it overnight. The next day my hair felt softer and healthier than EVER! I have long, bleached, dry hair and I was so happy with the results of this product! 


Natural Face Wash/Body Care



We use nature's most precious elements to make non-toxic skincare products that support radiant skin, a healthy body + a happy self.

I started using Primally Pure because I suffer from really dry skin due to hormone imbalance and living in Arizona. I started having bad breakouts but everything I was using would dry out my face to a painful point. Primally Pure uses oil-based serums that are very gentle on the skin, helping me clear my acne without the painful after effects. 

Step 1: Take off makeup 

Step 2: Apply Cleansing Oil 

*Massage into skin extensively*

Use Jade Roller to enhance 

Step 3: Pat face with hot, damp towel or washcloth 

Or use face steamer if available

*Add essential oil to enhance*

Step 4: Apply Clarifying Serum

*Massage into skin extensively*

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 1.21.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 1.11.43 PM.png

I use the cleansing oil for dry skin to wash my face. 

From the Brand: 

Based on the scientific principle that like dissolves like, the oil cleansing method utilizes beneficial oils that penetrate deep into pores to dissolve grime and build-up. This age-old method of cleansing effectively purifies + nourishes the skin while keeping its natural moisture barrier in-tact.

I use the clarifying serum after I wash my face with the cleansing oil. 

From the Brand: 

Minimizes inflammation + breakouts, brightens uneven skin tone, clarifies complexion.

Anti-bacterial and brightening ingredients (including Turmeric Oil, Marula Oil and Green Tea) balance oil production, purify pores, diminish discoloration from scarring + sun damage, and even skin tone to create clear, glowing skin.

Our Clarifying Serum has a fresh, floral and citrusy aroma and is packaged in a glass bottle.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 1.25.52 PM.png

I actually use this as my regular deodorant in HOT AF Arizona! It smells amazing and actually works!

From the Brand: 

Activated coconut charcoal contains added detoxifying benefits while also deodorizing and disinfecting. Goes on virtually clear and doesn't stain clothes.