A trip to the spiritual gym has left me feeling like I’m glowing from the inside out. ✨⭐️☀️

This week’s quarantine theme has been about my own personal energy, digging deep with myself, and learning about things like burnout, vulnerability, underdog advantages, and mental blocks. ⠀

Some of my favorite findings include: ⠀

• The fundamental understanding that breaking out of the Big Snooze (You Are A Badass) or standing in the Wilderness (Brené Brown) will require pain. It WILL hurt, it WILL be hard, and yet there is a divine reward for living more authentically and in your truth. The harder it gets the closer you are to a major breakthrough. ⠀

• Minimums and maximums (Amanda Frances). She talks about how everyone has a minimum standard in their bank accounts and in their lives. For some, they can’t IMAGINE having a savings under $10,000 or they will absolutely NEVER not be able to pay their bills. There are also people who’s minimus mean over-drafting or getting an eviction notice but not actually getting evicted. THEN you have maximums of what kind of growth you can expect for your life based on your experience and surroundings. The inner work this week has been about learning how to increase both of these to up-level into a new stage of life. ⠀

• Being tough, thick skinned, people pleasing, and hustling is absolutely no match for vulnerability, an open heart, creating peace with boundaries, and pure intention. ⠀

Then some of my favorite quotes being: ⠀

• “The better it gets, the better it gets.” Amanda Frances ⠀

• “True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to BE who you are.” Brené Brown ⠀

• “ There is no external solution for an internal problem.” Nicole Lapin ⠀

Discovering your true, most authentic self IS Future Boss Lady. It’s about digging into your fears, flaws, habits, limiting beliefs, and everything in between so that you can make room for the woman you are truly meant to be. Manifesting the dream is the fun part, shining a light inward is scary, but one can’t happen without the other. Do the work now and reap the benefits forever. ❤️