Anyone else having a hard time relaxing right now? ⠀

This morning I was trying to do my journaling and tea routine, and was struck with looming anxiety and suddenly felt desperate for air. ⠀

After giving up and sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook — not really seeing or reading anything for a while, I decided that hoping on the stationary bike and doing a ride until I felt better would help. ⠀

It’s just what I felt the urge to do, so I rode until I was sweaty and out of breath and connected my soul to a Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis. ⠀

Not saying I feel 100% better but I do feel at least more under control. ⠀

My point is that it’s ok to feel unrest, anxiety, scared, and frustration right now. I feel like I literally can’t be myself.⠀

When I have days off I’m always running around trying to see people, nurture relationships, helping, and doing things that make me feel valuable. ⠀

I have this mentality that if I CAN I SHOULD. Physically not being allowed to see people, and being financially constrained — making helping very difficult, has been hard for me to accept. ⠀

Needles to say that “relaxing” is not happening right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do what I can. ⠀

If riding a bike and listening to a soulful podcast feels right then do it. ⠀

If taking a bubble bath while watching Netflix feels right then do THAT. ⠀

Our minds and bodies know more than we give them credit for, and listening to them could do a world of good. ⠀

In the comments below share a guilty pleasure that’s been getting you though quarantine! ❤️