Becoming Boss Excerpt: Introduction

...”In this book I’m going to talk to you about discovering your superpower in a standardized environment. I know, it sounds a little “fight the power”. Here’s what I mean; we grow up in environments where a way of being and exceptions of us are determined so early on, and they create a definitive environment that may not be the right fit. ⠀

We are shown a small selection of possibilities demonstrated by the adults around us, and are presented with a way of life that feels like the only option. For me those options were to work within the school district, hospital, or become a coach. All the smart kids were good at math and science, you needed to play softball in order to considered an athlete, and if you wore anything other than jeans and a t-shirt you were trying to “dress up” for somebody. ⠀

Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly my kind of town. ⠀

I was the girl that preferred English and art class, at one point I was THE ONLY gymnast at my high school, and I wore dresses and heels daily. I wasn’t edgy enough to make being different a “statement”, and I wasn’t popular enough to set any trends, so I spent a majority of my grade school years feeling like I just didn’t fit in. ⠀

In addition, I was relentlessly teased for my muscular body type and small boobs, jerked around by boys, taken advantage of by my “friends”, and — not to sound so painfully like a teenager — misunderstood by my teachers and coaches. ⠀

Fast forward to present day — I’ve published a book dedicated to helping ambitious women thrive with actionable resources that I designed myself. I’ve had an entire career in the wedding industry before 25, and attended bridal market where I took tequila shots with some of the top people in the industry. I’m known for my style amongst my peers and friends, and essentially I’ve created a life where I rarely feel like I don’t belong. ⠀

Now, don’t get me wrong, this didn’t happen over night — by any means. There were a TON of life lessons, growing pains, and terrifying leaps of faith that got me to a point of basic comfort and where I’m still growing and transitioning every day.”