I was so stubborn that I was willing to spend 12x more money than I was making to have my book on the market.😬

Yikes. ⠀

Granted, it was a lesson learned and I’m super brand new to the industry, so I’m not being too hard on myself, but yeah, that happened. ⠀

I had to charge way more than I wanted to because my book was costing me over $17 to print, then I was only making 60% of the royalties... so I was making just over $3/book.😬😳

I was spending 10x that a month just to pay for the software I used to make it! ⠀

Knowing this business model was nowhere near a feasible way to maintain an income, I went to work research just how people make a living self publishing and selling books. ⠀

After a year of learning and deciding to just to the thing, I now have a product I am much more proud of. It’s $15 cheaper than the original price, it’s designed the way I want it to be, and it reflects my intentions and values in a more authentic way. ⠀

A point I don’t think I would have gotten to had I not release that first edition. ⠀

The thing is, I’m going to make mistakes, listen to the wrong people, make the wrong calls, and have to learn the hard way sometimes. The good thing is that I’m still willing to learn and grow from all of it, and hopefully come out the other side.☀️

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