Building a Personal Brand

In short, your personal brand is what you want people to remember you by. Your interests, your career, your goals, colors you like, your favorite drink, etc. This, in addition to how you want to be perceived socially and professionally. It’s not about acting out a character, or manipulating yourself, it’s about getting in-tune with yourself. Figuring out who you are to your core, and then expressing that in a way that feels natural to you.

A personal brand is important, mainly for your career interests and how you can make a statement with your entire self, as opposed to just your achievements. To think if it as a business, people want to go to invest in different brands because of the way it makes them feel, they want to have a connection with the product or service, and they want to feel good about their choices.

By building a personal brand, you’re doing the same thing with yourself. You are not just your grades, your job, and the money that you make. You are a sparkling personality. You’re intelligent, kind, thoughtful, energetic, funny, and ambitious. You are a conversation, a fascination, and an experience, you make people feel things.

To have control over your personal brand will force you to tune in to how you are making an impact all around you. Pushing you to make more conscious decisions, be tactful with your words, and be thoughtful about your intentions. Allowing you to actively design the life you want.

Tips for Success

●Look into yourself. What makes you, you? What do you like? What kind of career do you want? What are your hobbies? What events do you like to go to? Who inspires you in pop culture and in your personal life? The answers to these questions are the first steps to developing your brand. The better you know yourself, the more you can create a brand that’s sturdy and ready for the long-haul. You don’t want to fake or force anything and, it should feel organic and natural.

●How do you want to be perceived? While you want the core elements of your personality to remain consistent, it’s OK to set goals for how you want to be perceived, and to create an image that may be a more elevated version of your natural tendencies. For example, I’m naturally extremely shy, non-confrontational, insecure and scared of change, but I want to be perceived as a confident boss lady. Someone who attacks her goals head-on. Whose poise, elegant and unafraid to change the world. So I consciously work every day to be like the person I want to be perceived as. It’s not a matter of changing yourself for other people, it’s a matter of improving yourself, for yourself.

●Be consistent. If you’re going to be branding yourself you need to have consistency in the way you act, talk, dress, and perform. If being a hard worker is a part of your personal brand, then you need to work hard all the time, regardless of the task. Doesn’t matter if it’s completing a huge, important project, or cleaning the bathroom. If you want to be known as reliable, you need to consistently be the person that people can depend on. By this, I don’t mean sacrificing yourself for others and constantly being a “yes girl”. I mean by being someone who honors their commitments, shows up on time, etc.

Your actions are what your life is made up of. Every single choice you make, and every single thing you do contributes to not only how you will be perceived, but to the person you’re going to be. Which is why your personal brand absolutely has to be authentic and individualized, you can’t fake it.

●Develop a clothing style that represents you. Look into developing a style that represents who you are now, as well as who you are striving to become. Your clothing is a way of representing yourself before you even speak. It’s also a way to project your style and brand to the masses. So be mindful of what you want that representation to be, and how your clothing can work for you.

Building a personal brand is just about owning what already makes you, you and using those traits to make yourself memorable. It's about standing by exactly who you are, and trust me, you're someone who deserves to be remembered.