Busy is NOT a Badge of Honor

I am personally really bad about wearing “busy” as a badge of honor. I want to have a million things going on at all times, I want to end the day feeling accomplished and exhausted, and I don’t feel productive unless I am actively checking things off a list. ⠀

I have caught myself thinking and saying that I just desperately want to be BUSY. I WANT to work late into the night, I WANT to work 12 hour days, I WANT my job to be a major priority. All because I WANT to feel important and valued. ⠀

I say “yes” to every obligation, I take on extra work, and I constantly need to have a project to do. ⠀

Im that person that wants to be pulling all nighters, and hustling, and working myself to the bone. ⠀

Here’s the thing though, I find that I crave to be busy, but I hate feeling obligated and corned. Which makes me think that I just want to be passionate. I want to desire the work I do, and I want to feel like I’m doing something important. ⠀

Maybe it’s not so much about doing more, but about doing what makes me feel whole and valuable. ⠀

Honestly the dream isn’t to work like a madwoman 100 hours a week and be completely burnt out by 30. ⠀

The DREAM is to make my time so valuable that I can double and triple my current income working half the amount of time. ⠀

I find that I currently find my worth in the hours I work and the money I make (which is not a great ratio right now). It sucks to face but it’s true, and I want to work towards finding my worth within my own skill set and unique capabilities. ⠀

Does anyone else relate to this mindset? How have you overcome it? Please share in the comments below!