Cheers to a Healthy Relationship with Alcohol. 🥂⠀

If you know me, you know that I can’t turn down a glass of wine, I’m always up for margaritas, and I genuinely enjoy a scotch, neat. ⠀

Alcohol is a very regular part of my life, and I think it’s relevant to talk about the effects, and how important it is to be responsible and mindful of its presence in our lives. ⠀

There was definitely a time when I would over-drink to try to impress others or think it was cool push my body to the limits.

Yes, most of these times were in college.

Let me tell you, it took a few extremely embarrassing instances and a couple of bad hangovers for me to learn my lesson. (Excuse me while I dry heave while reliving these memories.)

What was hard, were the lessons that came once I got comfortable and thought I was being responsible. ⠀

This time last year, it was not uncommon for me to come home, looking forward to a glass of wine. ⠀

Which, don’t get me wrong, I still love having a glass with dinner after work, but there is a very apparent difference between:⠀

Having a glass because I enjoy it and I’m relaxing at home, ☺️ and coming home, dropping my purse, and pouring a glass to get myself to wash the day away. 😞⠀

I hate the idea of needing a crutch to get me through a tough time, and in reality, it does NOTHING for me. I just end up feeling guilty on top of feeling sad. ⠀

Cultivating a relationship with alcohol is truly something that has to be learned. ⠀

I have found that I want to only drink in celebration, rather than commiseration. ⠀

So while I found other ways to lift my spirits: ⠀

• Kickboxing ⠀

• Journaling ⠀

• Spending more time outdoors ⠀

I became very intentional about WHEN I was intaking alcohol. I wanted to make sure I was only drinking when I genuinely wanted to when I was in good spirits, and that I was utilizing it as a treat, rather than a habit. ⠀

Having a healthy relationship with all of the components that make up your life, matters, alcohol included. Too much of a good thing can easily turn sour, and before you know it, that thing is running your life as opposed to the other way around.

It can be anything: ⠀

• Food ⠀

• A person⠀

• Work⠀

Fitness ⠀

I know people that are so dedicated to their personal fitness that it ends up hurting their relationships and social life. In the worst cases, they even end up hurting their bodies because they can’t bring themselves to rest.

Sometimes the most controlling parts of our lives are simple habits, or things we believe are essential to our daily lives.

You just want to make sure that what your intaking and your actions are truly intentional and that they are for the right reasons. Think about what you actually want or need and the reasons backing that up.

Designing your dream life starts with customizing each and every detail and creating an environment and instilling habits that are going to take you further.

Cheers Boss Lady, you got this. #FBL