Collagen Benefits

My hands would get so inflamed and so irritated that literally all I could do was rest my arms in front of me, palms up, and try not to cry. ⠀

I have a hard time with my hands and with my back due to years of wear and tear on my body from gymnastics. Pair that with a job that keeps me on my feet all day and a very active lifestyle — I was having flair ups weekly. Leading to excruciating inflammation in both my back and hands. ⠀

I even had to wear a back brace to my bridal job for a while.😖Other times I would have to completely stop working (typing, picking up the phone, ANYTHING) because my hands hurt so nauseatingly bad. ⠀

To try to find some relief my dad (ER physician who’s very into a holistic approach) suggested I try adding collagen powder to my daily routine. ⠀

To do this I started making bullet proof coffee: a combination of⠀

• coffee ⠀

• collagen powder ⠀

• butter, oil, or ghee ⠀

• cream ⠀

+any variations or added value or flavor ⠀

I have been drinking this every morning consistently for 3 months and I am extremely pleased to report that I haven’t had a flair up since December!!!🥰🤯👏🙌

Not to mention my hair is growing and full, my mind and focus feels sharper than ever, I feel less bloated, and more toned. Plus @iamnatalie from believes in it which instantly made it more glamorous in my eyes.😂🤩

I am a collagen believer and I am OBSESSED! ⠀

I also found this infographic by @cleanprogram to be very informative and helpful to let you know more about it!😇