Confession: I’ve struggled with burn-out consistently over the past 10 years. ⠀

I idolize the hustle, the all-nighters, and the caffeine IV. ⠀

In high school it was doing gymnastics full-time and taking advanced classes that required an obscene amount of homework. In college it was juggling my studies and working a full-time job, internships, and building a career in the wedding industry. Nowit’s working full-time and trying to run my own business. ⠀

Cranked at full-speed is my default, and after several breakdowns, anxiety attacks, and years of chronic migraines, (not to mention a pandemic) I’ve been forced to slow it down. ⠀

Reading this book was like hearing from a mentor or big sister, telling me what my future was going to look like. Nicole’s stories sound eerily familiar, and her former coping mechanisms feel like home. ⠀

The moment I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down because it felt like she was genuinely speaking to me with a sense of humor and no-nonsense attitude. ⠀

She takes you through a series of 12 steps that exploits the habits, addresses the objections, and integrates a solution. ⠀

She brought the numbers and logistics to emotional wellness and I am HERE👏FOR👏IT! ⠀

Emotional wellness and mental health is extremely important for not only success but a career with longevity. Nicole made me see that all of the most successful people are investing in their own happiness and mindfulness. ⠀

Coming from a girl who LOVES the hustle, you have to check out this book! It’s truly a game changer!!❤️❤️❤️

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