Dear diary... ⠀

Just kidding, I haven’t started a journal entry like that in a LONG time, but I do journal. ⠀

I actually have 3 different ones that I’m consistently working on. ⠀

1. My study/idea/info journal. ⠀

Holds all of my ideas, course work, schedule, plans, and numbers. ⠀

2. My manifest journal. ⠀

Holds all of my dreams, visions, and desires for the future. This is where I pray, describe, and set intentions for my life and business. ⠀

3. My gratitude journal by The Hollis Company.

I work through it every day and it holds a place for my daily gratitude and my 10 core goals. Listed every day. ⠀

I find that journaling helps me get into the “flow” and allows me to extract details from my mind and get them on paper. It helps me see all the stuff jumbled in my mind and allows me to sort through it. ⠀

When it comes to fears and limiting beliefs, writing it down helps me see how insignificant they are and physically crossing them out feels so good and meaningful. ⠀

The repetition of writing the same goals, affirmations, and beliefs over and over helps me define them and help them sink into my life. ⠀

My power is in my hands and journaling is truly a form of meditation for me. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, you just start writing and see what comes out. Sometimes you can really surprise yourself and most cases for me, I see it as my time to talk to God. When I just get into the flow I write things that are really substantial and meaningful, and that helps guide me in my life and business. ⠀

All that being said, I have a journaling prompt for you to work through tonight: ⠀

If you just had the absolute best year of your life, expenses, objections, limitations aside, what would it look like? What would it feel like? Where would you be now? ⠀

Art credit: @rubycreates_