Does high-vibe Anna thrive in quarantine?🤨

Sara Cummins Photography

If you’ve read Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass, you’ll know what I mean when I say “high-vibe” and the “big snooze, otherwise known as BS” ⠀

To quickly paraphrase, your “high-vibe” state is when you are reaching toward and aligning yourself with the divine. When you’re focusing and manifesting your energy to intercept everything you’ve ever wanted out of life. ⠀

The “Big Snooze” is how you live when you’re at a low frequency — settling, your comfort zone, giving up. ⠀

Usually, I’ve come to find that day-to-day Anna lives in the Big Snooze. She is constantly running out of time, comparing herself, stressed, and relying on the happiness of others to satisfy her own. ⠀

That Anna fuels herself through the validation and acceptance of anyone and everyone around her. ⠀

Quarantine Anna? She’s being forced to take a long hard look in the mirror and scrummage some happiness for herself, by herself. ⠀

To my absolute surprise and joy, this Anna likes to paint... on like everything.😅She loses herself in a book for hours at a time. She writes 2000 words a day and doesn’t give a crap if it’s all garbage. She looks forward to her patio bike ride, and drinks smoothies, and is keeping up with three different journals. ⠀

She’s not concerned with how she looks but how she feels. She dreams with clarity, spends time with her thoughts, and appreciates sunsets. ⠀

I think quarantine is bringing out a high-vibe state I’ve never experienced before and I am addicted. ⠀

In all the quiet it’s really easy to make yourself accessible to the news, negativity, anxiety, and toxicity — but it’s also easy to decide not to. To invest your energy and time into literally anything else. ⠀

The world is still going to be ending tomorrow, so how about you spend today seeing what it would be like to try a new hobby. Just play around with meditation, see if you can do it. Go wild and have a Zoom party where you all get tipsy together and play “never have I ever”. ⠀

See what it might be like to access your high vibe state and experience all of the good that is already accessible to you. ⠀

You just have to look for it.❤️