Easter Baskets 2019

Easter is probably my favorite holiday, next to Valentine's day. (I know, please don't jump ship quite yet.)

I love Easter because it's a time for renewal and for a fresh start. Everything feels lighter and happier to me. I love the colors, the change in season, and it feels like the season of miracles.

I also love making Easter baskets. Christmas is great and all, but you rarely get to be creative with gift giving, as most people have lists and there are often expectations. With things like Easter baskets, it's more of a "thinking of you" gift and you can be as free and creative as you'd like.

This year I themed the baskets around "House Warming" and "Dinosaurs", because my sister-in-law's family just moved into a new house, and her daughter loves dinosaurs and science right now.

The entire idea of these baskets was to focus on the needs and style of the receivers.

My niece isn't super girly, yet she still enjoys things like bath time and plants, so I simply styled it in a way that she would respond to.

My sister-in-law doesn't need a bunch of random items or candy that's going to get tossed. Which is why I took the time to make sure I was being intentional and thoughtful about what I was adding.

Here's how it all went down:

I started making the baskets in January, when I saw these dinosaur pots in the Target dollar section.

From there I picked up items here and there as I found them.

Eventually, I created a full basket, and I grabbed the mini succulents as Trader Joe's last minute.

For the house warming basket, I started by finding an owl towel at Ross back in February. My sister-in-law loves owls and I figured something useful with a subtle nod to her style would be appreciated.

From there I focused on items she would actually need or use that tend to be more luxury items. Such as Downey laundry infusions, speciality cleaner, candle, Starbucks coffee and syrup, etc. This way, it's fun and cute, while also actually being helpful and useful.

To top it all off, I baked home-made lemon blueberry muffins with lemon curd, and threw in some paper goods to help with breakfast time and dishes.

Needless to say, they were well-received.

Please let me know what you thought about these baskets and if you have ideas for other Boss Ladies! #FBL