Five Tips to Get That Boss Lady Confidence

Sara Cummins Photography

Hey Boss Ladies! Today we are talking about *confidence*.

Being a Boss Lady means to take charge, be a leader, and to be confident enough to make a change. This can’t just be in the workplace. In order to be a Boss Lady, you have to BE a Boss Lady, through and through. You have to talk, act, and think the part, and so much of that is about self-confidence.

If you’re comfortable with yourself and you truly love yourself, other people will too. It’s not as difficult as you think, and it’s not vapid or shallow. You're allowed to love the body you have, and to know that you're interesting, intelligent, funny, and beautiful.

Confidence is infectious, and it radiates.

People around you are going to feel it, and maybe you will inspire them to love themselves just as much. We live in a society that's so harsh and unforgiving already, we don’t need to be that way to our own selves.

Here are my top five tips for success to feeling more confident:

1. Figure out what you stand for and believe in. It’s impossible to confidently talk about something that you know nothing about. Same goes for feeling confident when you have no idea what you stand for, or believe in. You need to know where you stand on politics, region, sexuality, and other controversial topics. You can’t take the easy way out and piggyback off of the opinions of your friends, family, or professors. It’s so important to do some research and formulate an opinion of your own, because when it’s a pure intention and belief, it sticks to your core.

2. Practice what you believe. Confidently live your life by what you believe, and spend your time doing what you personally love to do. If you're constantly feeling insecure or self-conscious, you're probably not in an environment, or around people that will allow you to thrive. If a flower isn't growing, you don't change the flower, you change the soil. I’m not saying to never stray from your circle or hobbies, but you should play to your strengths and feel confident doing it.

3. Have good intentions. You’re going to feel better about the outcomes of your choices if the decision was made based on a good intention. Being sure of your decisions, and standing by them, is going to build a foundation of strength with lasting effects.

4. Learn. If you want to feel confident about something, then make the effort to do the research, and gain the knowledge required. If you can put fact and knowledge behind your words, they’re going to come out stronger and have much more of an impact.

5. Become the best. If you find that you’re constantly feeling like you’re not good enough, or that you aren’t skilled enough in your field, then practice, practice, practice! Make the requirements of your field feel like a habit, and become so good that there isn’t a shred of doubt that you can succeed.

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