Girl Wash Your Face

Sooooo... I honestly kind of thought that I wasn’t Christian enough to like @mrsrachelhollis. Or maybe I wasn’t happy enough for Rachel Hollis. Whatever it was, I am so grateful I got over it! ⠀

This book was EVERYTHING. ⠀

It was happy, sad, inspiring, relatable, painful, funny, and heart wrenching all at the same time. ⠀

I also felt like we were kindred souls in so many ways with her moving from a small town into the city and working in the wedding industry. ⠀

Even down to marrying her first love and the age difference!🥺

She spoke into all the times I felt naive and how I would let people treat me, and the harmful affects that come from just not going all in on yourself. ⠀

With this book she inspired me to write more authentically and truthfully, and helped me understand that it’s the bare bone honest details that create the deepest connection. ⠀

I feel so uplifted and fueled after reading this book and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking for some light in the darkness right now.#girlwashyourface

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