Go Love Yourself

For the first time, in a very very long time, I caught myself starting at the mirror and thinking “Hello Gorgeous, I haven’t seen you in a while. 🥰⠀

With my greasy hair, yesterday’s tank top, and a face with breakouts even though it hasn’t seen makeup in weeks — I felt radiant, beautiful, and may I say, my butt looks amazing in these sweatpants. ⠀

I caught a glimpse of myself mid-teeth brushing and it hit me that I have arrived. My entire childhood I dreamed of what I would be like when I had my own apartment, a job, and a life that’s completely and utterly my own. ⠀

I imagined that my 24-year-old self would look more like 35, with chic haircut and fresh color, effortlessly manicured hands, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and of course a fabulous salaried career. ⠀

What I love so much about this is that real Anna at 24 is so So SO much better. ⠀

She’s letting her hair grow wild, with almost a year between color jobs because she loves her natural hair color for the first time since she was too young to care. ⠀

She is dedicating her free-time and weekends to writing and building her own business because she has bigger and better dreams than my younger self could have ever imagined. ⠀

She is healthy and doesn’t stress about her weight because working out is a privilege, not a punishment. ⠀

She has mismatched dishes, carries the same tote from High School, a 0 balance credit card, and doesn’t stress about bills even for a moment. ⠀

24 year old Anna has EVERYTHING my younger self dreamed about, but it’s 10x better because I am the kind of woman my younger self would be proud of. ⠀

I have served so much time critiquing myself without notice of what I do right. Focusing on what my body looked like as opposed to what it could do. Choosing to fake insecurities when I know I’m a bad ass. ⠀

The woman I caught a glimpse of in the mirror today was a woman on the brink of glorious change. A woman who is about to step into so much power that she’s not even going to know what to do with it all. A woman who was given a mission that she must NOT fail, and she’s going to crush every last bit of it. ⠀

It’s this or something better.