Goal Planning for the Future Boss Lady

Future Boss Ladies and goals kind of go hand-in-hand. You’re most likely an FBL because you have goals in the first place. You want to have a career, you want to build your dream life, you want to make a difference. These all come with a hefty set of well planned out, and executed goals. Of which, come in different shapes and sizes, all leading to you building the foundation for your life and for your future self. What can be difficult, is knowing exactly what these goals are, and what goals you need to have, in order to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

Tips for Success

●Your goals are just plans. “Goal” can be an intimidating word, but they’re just plans. They’re simple steps you need to take in order to accomplish the task in front of you. It just so happens that the plan is your life. All you have to do is make them into a check-list and start checking them off.

●Write down your goals somewhere you will see them every day. In your daily planner, on your phone, on a vision board, etc. It’s one thing to declare it a goal, it’s another to achieve it. Have your goals written down in a place where you have to acknowledge them and you can’t forget about them. Don’t let life get in the way and distract you.

●Give your goals timelines. One week, one month, six months, a year, three years, five years, ten years, and so on. The timeline is what’s going to turn your dream into a goal. Establish a point where your goal should be achieved, or a certain amount of progress will have needed to be accomplished. This will allow you to track your progress and keep yourself accountable.

●Make your goals attainable. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Every goal is attainable, you just might need to create steps, and a well thought-out plan in order to be able to accomplish a little at a time. Then a little turns into a little more, and a little more, until it becomes a habit.

●Make your goals measurable. Find a way to be able to track your success and know when you have accomplished your goal. You can create checklists, keep receipts, do polls on social media, whatever you need to be able to see and feel yourself making accomplishments and moving forward. There’s something about succeeding, even if it’s in a small way, that lights a fire under you to keep pushing. Use this to get to that finish line.

●Don’t be afraid to change and adjust. People change, people grow, and your goals will change as you do. Don’t limit yourself from an opportunity, but it’s important not to get distracted by shiny objects. Your goals should remain consistent in some way, but have room to evolve.

●Set goals for yourself by yourself. Other people in your life shouldn’t be determining your goals for you. You’re not here to make your parents happy, your significant other happy, your friends happy, or your boss happy. You’re building a future that’s going to make YOU happy. There are also goals that you will have that many others won’t be able to accomplish, therefore, understand. You know your strength and your drive, and your goals need to be determined by you alone.

●Set goals in all parts of your life. Career, health, school, relationships, mental health, self-esteem, etc. You can’t lump everything into one category and hope that it all just works out. Each and every aspect of your life deserves its own set of goals and aspirations, giving you a well-rounded and extensive version of success. When you start ignoring certain areas of your life, that’s when things fall through the cracks and you’re left feeling scattered and behind schedule.

●You don’t have to make your goals public. Sometimes the greatest successes are done out of the public eye, and the less you share, the less you have to worry about other people’s opinions. It’s so important to just know and accept that your life aspirations don’t have much to do with anyone else. It’s one thing to tell people your goals to keep yourself accountable, but it’s another to over-share to simply sound important. The more confidence you have in yourself and in your plan, the less you will feel a need to justify your actions to everyone around you. Stay in your lane, stay on your path, and let your success be your voice.