Hey! I’m Anna! ❤️ ⠀

⠀I'm the founder, author, writer, creator, owner, CEO -- whatever you want to call it, I'm the lady behind Future Boss Lady Co. ⠀ I love sunshine, wine, and helping young women achieve their dreams by giving them the resources to do so. ⠀ On any given day you can find me doing these three things:⠀ • Reading while snuggled up on the couch with a massive fuzzy blanket, a bullet proof coffee, and at least three candles burning at once.⠀ • Writing or designing at my "Starbucks office", rocking a top knot, and sipping on a hot nonfat latte with cinnamon. ⠀ • Getting my cardio in walking around Target or TJ Maxx while listening to a podcast. (pre-Covid 😅) ⠀ I'm an Enneagram 9 in every sense of the meaning, and in most cases my goals reflect: ⠀ •Achieving peace. ⠀ •Finding a solution. ⠀ •Creating ease and comfort. ⠀ •Developing intimate and lasting connections. ⠀ Comfort is key for me. Which doesn't mean that I don't venture outside of the box or have big goals -- I just want to be wearing leggings and sensible footware while doing it. ⠀ I'm also very content with building my empire in sunny Arizona, where we never have to shovel snow. ⠀ Girl Bosses are my kind of people because I LOVE a woman who on the brink of change and achieving her highest self and biggest dreams. I get a personal rush helping these women make big moves happen! ⠀ I believe that empathy, vulnerability, and genuine connection is imperative for the modern successful brand. ⠀ To learn more about me check out the “About” page on the website! (Link in bio) PS: Picture was also taken pre-Covid***