Hustle VS Wholeheartedness and a new standard for the Boss Lady.✨⠀

Boss Lady, Brené Brown’s definition of wholeheartedness is: “a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness.” ⠀

Specifically today, I want to talk about how Brené addresses anxiety: ⠀

Vulnerability➡️Anxiety➡️Shame➡️Disconnection➡️Coping strategy. ⠀

“It was the banana bread, chips & queso, email, work, staying busy, incessant worrying, planning, perfectionism, and anything else that could dull those agonizing and anxiety-fueled feelings of vulnerability.” - Brené Brown ⠀

For me, I can now see that I am constantly trying to outrun vulnerability, leading to a consistent level of anxiety and unrest. ⠀

Waking up early and staying up late, working on days off, and then coping with excessively working out, not eating consistently, and crying a lot.😅🤦‍♀️

I’ve had this attitude of hustling, focusing on fixing my “flaws”, and trying to do everything on my own. ⠀

I’ve glorified the excessive caffeine intake, living on four hours of sleep, and “doing it all” until my scheduled quarterly breakdown. ⠀

Like Brené I’ve been looking for help on how to “live like this”, closed off to suggestions on how to “stop living like this”. ⠀

Unfortunately I’ve found that there is no option to living in pure anxiety AND wholeheartedly (I know, shocking).😂

The Wholehearted work from a place of peace and gratitude, and with boundaries. They lean into their divine purpose and take their self worth off the table. ⠀

New standards that I’m learning to accept as my truth for success and the Boss Lady lifestyle. ⠀

ALL of the most successful people in the world are practicing self care and they’re not “hustling”. They’re living by a standard that without their mental health there is no empire. Which sounds pretty BOSS to me.🙌