I had an unexpected girl’s night yesterday and let me tell you, EMPOWERED 👏 WOMEN 👏 EMPOWER 👏 WOM

With these women I was able to talk about the world, politics, relationships, values, beliefs, family, dreams, and current wins and struggles, over sushi and a bottle of rosé. ⠀

We actively listened to each other, offered personal insight, and hyped each other up at every opportunity. ⠀

It dawned on me today just how much positivity and support there was. We spent most of the time talking about what we loved and were excited about, and offering expressions of admiration and appreciation was a constant. ⠀

I felt like we could talk about the hard stuff and were met with constructive depth and effort, as well as subtle reminders of the good with the bad. ⠀

I’ve been surrounded by women my entire life and I’ve tended to have a preconceived notion of how “Girl Time” is suppose to be. Or I’ve simply expected drama, cattiness, and gossiping. To a point where it’s not only accepted but perpetuated. ⠀

I’ve come to see as an adult that I don’t have a space in my life for cliques, toxic energy, or drama — and that it’s entirely possible to have girlfriends who rise to the occasion. ⠀

Where the expectation is acceptance, love, support, and kindness at all times. Any mistake can be forgiven over a bottle of wine and a hug. Where everyone is invited, welcomed, and appreciated. ⠀

They are out there and I promise you, they are the true #squadgoals

Also shout out to my amazing friend Rachel who took pictures, hostessed, got us home safely, AND came to get us in the morning to bring us to our cars. You are a true super woman! ❤️