I’m a west coast girl and proud of it.☀️

Ok, so I have a lot of people often telling me that I just belong in New York. How they picture me all Gossip Girl style, hanging out on the steps of the Met, and sipping lattes in chic coffee shops. ⠀

I mean, I get it, that’s a lot of what my brand gives off, but when it comes to my true soul and where I feel like I belong, I am a west coast girl through and through. ⠀

I love the warm weather and hiking in the dead of winter. I love the cacti and the palm trees, I love the wide open spaces and honestly I can genuinely appreciate the charm of a small town.🌴

Can you believe this is something I’ve actually been self conscious about for years? ⠀

I’ve felt like a failure or not ambitious enough because I didn’t want to move to a large city like New York, LA, or Chicago. ⠀

I’ve felt like my peers think I’m “stuck here” or maybe I’ve feared getting “stuck here”... ⠀

However, the longer I remain and the more I grow right where I am, I’m finding that I’m genuinely so happy here, and I can be successful anywhere I choose to be. ⠀

Getting to see my family periodically is important to me, watching my niece and nephew grow up is one of my greatest joys, being present for major life events is a priority, and AZ has some bomb margaritas. ⠀

Which leads to me choosing to bloom right where I’m planted (at least for the time being) and being blissfully happy about it.🌵

I would love to know how you feel about where you live! Do you love a small town, or do you belong in the concrete jungle? Where’s your “soul city”? Please share in the comments below!