I’m going to keep being a “boss lady”, “girl boss”, and a “boss babe”. ⠀

I’ve noticed the whole “girl boss” movement getting some hate around here, and as someone who obviously heavily invests in it, I have something to say. ⠀

I completely understand where people are coming from. You don’t call female doctors, “girl doctors” or women who are lawyers, “lawyer ladies”. You just call them doctorsand lawyers. Women in business don’t want to be defined by their gender (obviously) — but the word “boss” is rarely used when defining one’s job description. ⠀

You could be a Chief of Staff and be considered a “boss” but you’re not going to be putting “Boss” on your resume — you’re going to put “Chief of Staff”. See what I mean? Feel free to interchange that with: business owner, CEO, manger, store owner, head coach, etc. ⠀

By definition, the adjective meaning of the word “boss” is, “excellent, outstanding”. It’s describing someone to be on their game, working hard, making moves, and inspiring others. ⠀

I full heartedly believe that a woman or man can be in any profession, doing any thing, and be considered a boss — excellent, outstanding. ⠀

It’s a way of describing a person, behavior, action, vibe, standard, lifestyle, community, and so on.⠀

It expands the idea of what a “boss” is and looks like, and the intention is to extend inclusivity and encourage the generations coming up after us. ⠀

It’s just a freaking excuse to love on each other. ⠀

When I talk about being a “Boss Lady” I’m not talking about a profession, I’m talking about a way of BEING. A woman embracing her highest, most powerful, most successful version of herself. ⠀

I also don’t want to be a boss like a man or woman, or have to subscribe to the traditional requirements. I don’t want to be held to a specific standard of what “bosses” have been like for generations. ⠀

I want to be a “boss” like me. I want to set the standard for my own life, & determine success on my own terms. ⠀

To each their own on the whole “girl boss” situation, but coming from someone who loves being a Boss Lady with every fiber of her being, I am happy to wear the badge and support other women in doing so.💪