I’m taking my self-worth off the table. ⠀

In order to be wholehearted in your life and businesses, according to Brené Brown, you must act with vulnerability, and be willing to stand on your own in the wilderness. ⠀

It’s one thing to say this, but in order to actually do it there’s a very important step: you have to take your self-worth off the table. ⠀

In most cases when we are working, creating, and serving, we are looking for approval, validation, and worthiness. ⠀

I know in my case worthiness is the driving factor for 90% of the things I do. ⠀

It feels normal, or justified but hustling for worthiness can result in a very harmful series of events: ⠀

• You correlate production with success. Your ultimate success will always rest on how much you can “do” in a day. ⠀

• Your worthiness is measured by people. People who are naturally imperfect, biased, flawed, judgmental, and envious. ⠀

• You think that worthiness is something that has to be earned (and you’ll never be enough). As opposed to understanding that simply being alive on this earth means that you are worthy. ⠀

With this in mind, when acting wholeheartedly and stepping into your greatness, it’s extremely important to take your self-worth out of the equation. That way you can fail, change, and expose your gifts freely. ⠀

When your work doesn’t equal your worth, you are available to live wholeheartedly knowing that love, happiness, and deep connection with others will always be there for you. This frees you act and believe on a larger scale and closer to the divine. That’s when you start making big moves that make an impact and change your life. ✨⠀