I only took the enneagram for real about four months ago — I had just assumed I was a 3 🤷‍♀️⠀

Before we get into it there are some Enneagram objections I’m just going to brush over. This isn’t meant to put you in a box, nor is it an excuse to act a certain way. It’s simply meant to help you understand yourself better and to learn from it. ⠀

For example, I turned out to be a 9, and that opened up a whole new world to me because it let me see that the way I naturally am, the things I don’t think are important, are actually core character traits. ⠀

It allowed me to see and appreciate how I work, and to lean into that as oppose to squashing it down. ⠀

An example being that nines are peacemakers and want everyone to be working well together. I used to think that in work this was my greatest weakness because it made me a bad manger, but actually, when understood and done well, that will make me the best leader. ⠀

It of course also helped me see some of my “unhealthy” habits and I’ve been able to work on them. Especially when it comes to mentally shutting down in the midst of conflict. 😬

However my favorite discovery was understanding that I need peace — not as a luxury or I thrive on it — I actually truly need to feel at peace to properly function. ✌️⠀

I need to trust the people I’m with. I need to be fully invested in my decision and/or my path. I need to feel like my work/actions mean something. ⠀

Which got me thinking about if I’ve ever truly been at peace? I’ve been hustling for as long as I can remember and I wear stress like an outfit, which as worked — but I can see that without peace I’m really being held back. ⠀

The more I lean into my divine purpose I focus on my emotional wellness and discover more and more of what makes me truly happy, I can be super busy and not feel it. ⠀

I don’t think it’s a trade off of successful or peaceful, I think they’re one in the same. ⠀

With knowledge comes great opportunity and I truly believe that the better you know yourself the more powerful and happier you will be. ⠀

In the comments below tell me your Enneagram number and a little about you! ❤️ ⠀

Graphic by: @somewherecreatingstudio