I think I’m finally understanding what it means to be “successful”. ⠀

A lot of people tell me that I’m “successful” and whether that’s a perception or based off my achievements, it never seems to sit right. ⠀

I feel this sense of imposters syndrome, or a sudden need to explain all the reasons why I’m so not “successful”, and I think it’s because I’m resistant to letting the things I’ve done determine who I am. ⠀

I am not my achievements. ⠀

I am not my book. ⠀

I am not my degree. ⠀

I am not my job title. ⠀

I am not my small apartment. ⠀

I am not my paycheck. ⠀

To me, being successful is sitting at a table drinking beers with people I love and feeling like my heart is going to burst because I’m so happy. ⠀

Driving up to my apartment and feeling comforted by the fact that I’ve built a home for myself where I feel safe, free, and peaceful. ⠀

I feel successful when I have long conversations with my family members, knowing that I love them with everything I have. ⠀

I’m successful in writing a book that uplifts women and supports them in their dreams, because that’s what I felt called to do. I chose to listen to my divine purpose and accomplish it. ⠀

Success is beyond what we can measure or stick a label on. Success is pure, peaceful, warm and cozy, and feels like overwhelming happiness. ⠀

Chasing success for me isn’t about chasing the status or the money or the fame — it’s about finding my place, and doing work that makes me feel closer to God. ⠀

The more good I produce, the happier I feel, and the more peaceful I act, the closer I get to success. ⠀