I’ve been soul searching a lot on the topic of inner light this week ⠀

What does it truly mean to let your light shine? ⠀

Most of my life I’ve caught myself dimming it down. Staying quiet, changing my style, hiding behind the scenes, hoping that the more the fit in the more people would like me. ⠀

I thought that the more people liked me the easier life would be. People would just like me enough to let me stay in a job, give me a raise, and promote me. People would just like me enough to buy from me. People would like me enough to hang out with me.⠀

My thought process was the dimmer the light, the more likable you are, because nobody can really have any qualms with you. ⠀

Yet, the relationships I really want, the business I really want, the lifestyle I really want flat out REQUIRE me to light it up. It demands that I set my soul on fire and freaking SHINE. ⠀

@xoamandafrancessaid that her friend described Amanda’s energy as pink and purple, sparkly smoke that is bright, vibrant, and everyone loves. Which got me thinking of what my own energy/light looks like. ⠀

I think my light looks like what comes out of the end of the Fairy Godmother’s wand in Cinderella. Thousands of little sparkly white stars that are playful and swirl around you. It’s twinkling, light energy that wraps around things/people to help elevate them. ⠀

It’s so pure intentioned and sweet and playful — and I’ve been spending my whole life squashing it down. I’ve been embarrassed of it, called it a joke, and have been afraid of the magic it could do. ⠀

The more I practice this inner work, the more I lean into my divine purpose, and the more I discover about myself — the brighter I feel. It doesn’t feel like a headlight like I expected. It feels like a soft glow that’s inviting and warm and safe. ⠀

I genuinely feel the Boss Lady work happening, my true self and purpose coming into light — and it’s exciting. 🥰

My deepest desires are to feel fulfilled, passionate, and truly happy — all of which I’m seeing require that light to shine. 🌟

In the comments below describe what your light looks and feels like! ✨✨✨✨✨✨ ⠀

Repost: @thechampagnediet