If it didn’t happen you probably didn’t want it bad enough.... 😬 ⠀

OR it hasn’t happened yet. ⠀⠀

want to talk about manifesting for a minute. Manifesting isn’t just about wishing for something to happen and it just does. It’s the same reason why you don’t just ask God to do something and you get what you want. ⠀

When you’re manifesting there are a few core practices to keep in mind: ⠀

• You have to believe in your vision/desire deeply, you have to know it in your bones that you are meant for this to be your reality. It is truth and concrete, airtight in your soul. ⠀

• You have to stay consistent. Have faith over and over, day after day that your manifestation is in the works and your desire is on its way to you. If you can’t hold onto your manifestation for an extended period of time, you likely didn’t want it bad enough. ⠀

• It’s not instantaneous (in most cases) if you’re manifesting something big you have to allow time for your life to rearrange and make room for this. If you were to wake up to a million-dollar company you’d likely have no idea what to do with it. Allow time and grace for yourself to prepare for everything you’ve ever imagined. ⠀

• Allow yourself to be guided. It’s your job to figure out the why and the what, now it’s time to let God guide you through the how. Be open, trust, have faith, and know that your desires are going to come to you in ways that may surprise you. ⠀

• ✨F A I T H ✨is believing in something without proof and trusting in a plan that is beyond our understanding. If you’re testing manifestation and waiting for it NOT to happen, just so you can be proven right, then it’s not going to happen. You have to have undeniable, unshakeable, faith even when the manifestation doesn’t happen when you thought it would. God doesn’t work on your time, trust that there is a plan and it’s your job to follow it. ⠀

Manifestation is also a practice. It’ll take time and work to learn how to truly utilize it, I’m still learning in my own life, but it is one of the most powerful tools to help you reach your full potential. ⠀

It’s the practice of turning dreams into reality. ✨@theeverygirl