Imagine you had an entire month to completely change yourself for the better... what would you do? ⠀

What if you had 30 days to start and instill new and healthy habits? What would they be? ⠀

What if you finally had time to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do but could never fit it in? What is that thing? ⠀

How many times in your lifetime will the entire world be forced to stop? How many chances will you ever have to take time to reassess your life and the person you want to be? ⠀

You can choose to come out of this stressed, unhealthy, irritable, and desperate. Or you can start momentum in your life and start becoming the person you are truly meant to be. ⠀

This is your time to finally do all the things. Get in shape, write that book, paint, do crafts, upgrade your house, take a class, organize, learn a new skill, cook great food. ⠀

This is also a chance for you to finally tap into your deepest desires, and truly audit your life and your choices thus far. ⠀

What in your life is making you truly happy? What have you forgotten about all together? What is a worry that is now completely irrelevant? Who are the people who are actually checking in on you and who do you feel compelled to check in on? Who and what do you miss? ⠀

Most people never get the chance to cancel out the noise and actually listen to their own heart and mind, and we currently have the luxury of actually being forced to do it. ⠀

What are they saying? ⠀

In the comments below drop at least one goal that you’re going to accomplish this month!👇

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