Introvert Activities

Well, well, well, all of a sudden everyone wants to know what the introvert does with her free time.😅

Let me tell ya!👇

• Reading: fuzzy blankets and good books are my kryptonite and I spend a lot of my free time indulging in the written word. ⠀

My favorites this week: ⠀

• Girl Wash Your Face - @msrachelhollis ⠀

• 1 Million Followers - @brendankane ⠀

• Million Dollar Brand ⠀

• Workouts: barre, yoga, weight lifting, plyometrics, cardio — it’s therapy for me. For home workouts try the @toneitup app or following @valentinalequeux ⠀

• Self-Education: online courses, podcasts, articles, trainings. I follow people I admire and spend a lot of time learning from the best in my field. Some of my favorite courses include: ⠀

• Knowledge Business Broker ⠀

• Masterclass (subscription) ⠀

• Insta Growth Accelerator by⠀

• Journaling: I love having my own, but I also love interactive pre-designed journals as well! Like the#startyourdayjournal by the Hollis Co. and the Style Your Mind Workbook by @thechampagnediet ⠀

• Batching content: I run Instagram accounts as a part of my profession, so I spend a lot of time batching captions and designing my feeds on the Plann app! ⠀

• Write books: oh yeah, that’s a thing. I promise when I’m opting out of plans I’m not just sitting at home, I’m writing books and creating a career of my own design.🙌All done at my kitchen table with a laptop I’ve had since high school (if I can do it, you can do it!) ⠀

Girl, you should NOT be bored at home during this time! There is so much great stuff completely accessible at your fingertips! ⠀

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