It's Not About Where You Come From.

I grew up in a place where wearing bedazzled butt jeans was cool, and the county fair was the biggest event of the year. ⠀

It was the kind of town where people knew who was dating who, we gathered at Sonic after football games, and everyone had to make a special trip out of town to shop for their prom dresses. ⠀

Needless to say it was a bit of a shock when I moved to the city and suddenly realized that simply being considered a “good girl” wasn’t going to cut it. ⠀

My professors didn’t care how hard I was trying. My interviewers couldn’t give a hoot about my honor society hours. I constantly felt like there was something that everyone else knew and I didn’t. ⠀

Which is why it may come as a shock that I was hired on the spot for every job I’ve ever had, doubled my income by 22, and actually graduated early. ⠀

Here’s how: ⠀

• I was completely transparent in my interviews. When I was hired for my first job I told them flat out that I was new to this, but I was extremely eager to learn. I expressed that I genuinely wanted to be there and in the industry long term. ⠀

• I followed my heart. I know, cheesy, but while all of my peers were applying for serving or barista jobs on campus, I decided to drive 40 minutes out for a job in the wedding industry. Sure I felt silly with absolutely no experience but I decided that’s what I was doing and went for it. It was my genuine interest and passion for the work that landed me that job and several after. ⠀

• I stepped into the woman I wanted to be. When I actually started getting paid, I had just enough to start picking up some ROSS outfits here and there. Then I started doing my hair different ways, learning how I liked to wear makeup — embraced a new style. Doing so made me feel like I was becoming a new woman on the outside and was finally reflecting what was on the inside. ⠀

That transformation lead to me being accepted on the spot at 2 print wedding magazines and a transfer to a high-end bridal shop where I quickly doubled my income and landed my marketing coordinator position. ⠀

This is what FBL is about. Becoming the person you WANT to be rather than who you’ve always been.