Jen Sincero, you are a BAD ASS!!! ⠀

For a divine reason I was called to spontaneously purchase a book bundle containing this book, as well as her You are a Bad Ass at Making Money sequel. ⠀

Can I just say, “THANK GOD”!? ⠀

This book is filled with so much insight and helpful tools when it comes to restructuring the way one thinks about “self help”. ⠀

Her reference and explanation of The Big Snooze will help me live with a more enlightened, meaningful mindset forever. ⠀

She explains complicated emotions and mindsets with real life scenarios, relatable stories, and heartwarming humor. ⠀

It’s easy to read, captivating, and monumental. I plan on reading this book at least 10 more times. Thank you Jen for embracing your calling and helping myself and so many others live a life with source energy. ⠀

I 100% recommend this book, and I was able to get the 2 book bundle on Amazon for less than $20. Do👏yourself👏a👏favor!!! ⠀

Link here: You Are a Badass & You Are a Badass at Making Money 2 Books Collection Set