Meet Me at the Barre

Barre class got me sweaty with jelly legs😅— anyone else love that feeling? ⠀

I’ve only been taking these classes for a few months and coming from the girl that loves kickboxing and heavy weightlifting, it’s become my guilty pleasure.🙌

Depending on the class (Barre Sculpt and Barre HITT) it’s a blend of isolated muscle exercises, cardio, and plyometrics — with stretching mixed in. ⠀

It’s mostly you and your yoga mat against the world, some light weights, a band, and ball. ⠀

I personally love it because it’s held in the serenity room, so I feel instantly relaxed, and I’ve always liked using my own body for exercises — as opposed to machines. ⠀

There’s a lot of feminine energy in the room and I just feel comfortable and like I can focus on my own progress freely. ⠀

I honestly tend to feel very self conscious at the gym and like I’m in everyone’s way. With these classes I like that there’s structure — I know where to be and what to do, so I don’t mess up.😅

I also feel like I have a right to be there so I can just relax about my surroundings and focus on my workout. ⠀

Geez... is my introvert showing?😬😅😭

Anyway, with my killer class this morning and my bullet proof coffee I feel energized and ready to take on some big FBL tasks.🙌

Tell me in the comments below, what is your guilty pleasure workout?💪😙