Million Dollar Brand

There is no shortage of marketing and business books out in the sphere, but I am SO HAPPY I stumbled across this one!! ⠀

Million Dollar Brand by@mattclarktxfrom@amazing_dotcomwas refreshingly relevant, extremely actionable, and easy to understand. ⠀

Matt walks you through each and every step and gives away transparent and clear information. He lets the testimonials and success stories sell the next level online course, and focuses on giving the reader highly valuable information. ⠀

Matt heavily explains manufacturing and different ways to go about every step, making me feel so much less intimidated. ⠀

He also explains how you can automate the process and be able to work anywhere that has WiFi. Truly allowing us to learn from his experiences. ⠀

I already sell FBL on Amazon as a Kindle Direct Published book, and yet Matt helped me understand the system so much better and how to optimize it. ⠀

I left Million Dollar Brand feeling super excited and inspired to add products to my business. I also plan on using this book as a direct guide and blueprint. ⠀

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to add a source of income during these times or change careers all together. ❤️