My Top 5 Tips for Feeling Boss

Representing yourself as a Boss Lady has a lot to do with how you feel. If you're feeling tired, scattered, hectic, and irritable, it’s hard to feel powerful. When you feel good, you can focus more on your strengths and what you need to accomplish. There are always going to be days where we feel tired and stressed, as we are busy women. However, there are everyday things you can do to make yourself feel just a little bit better and ready to take on the world. These tips for success are all about your overall confidence and happiness. Feeling Boss is not about changing yourself for others or acting a part, it's about caring for yourself and practicing habits that are going to help you be successful in the future.

Tips for Success

●Expect respect. Learn to not only value your own time, talents, and self-worth, but to show that to others. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or the janitor, you deserve to be spoken to with respect, and you need to correct someone if they think otherwise. If someone can sense that you’re willing to do anything, at any time, in spite of the inconvenience to you, they will gladly take advantage of that. This is relevant in your career, in relationships, in friendships, and partnerships. If it’s your day off, your boss doesn’t have the right to be blowing up your phone. You’re not obligated to help your friend move apartments. If you watched the football game with your boyfriend, he can sit and watch a chick-flick with you. You have to voice your needs, command respect, and teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

●Recognize your self-worth. People are going to do what they want, and put effort into what’s important to them, which includes: responding to messages, actually keeping plans, and maintaining relationships. As a Boss Lady, you need to have the self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth to know that if you’re not important to someone, then it’s their loss and they don’t need to be important to you. This is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships and friendships. You don’t have time for games, drama, and selfishness. Don’t put your beautiful energy into people that don’t appreciate it.

●Surround yourself with quality people. There are too many incredible individuals out there to be wasting time on toxic relationships and interactions. The people you bring into your inner circle should be people that you look to for inspiration, support, security, and trust. You need the freedom to be your complete and authentic self, and they need to love you for it.

●Distinguish yourself from a girl to a woman. Up until you are about 18-years-old, you only know how to act, dress, and speak like a girl, and there will be a time, when you need to consciously make the transition into to acting like a woman. This will be done in the way you conduct yourself, in the decisions you make, in your reactions, behavior, and even thought process. It’s important to know when it’s time to take your life to the next level. That time is probably now!

●Work on being more decisive. Get into the habit of making small decisions and standing by them, such as, deciding what you want to eat, what you’re going to wear, or whether you’re going to spend time with someone or not. Getting into this habit will help you be more decisive with bigger decisions down the line. You will also need to learn to be content and confident with the decisions you make. There will always be a “what if”, or maybe a better option, but if you spend your time second guessing every single decision you make, you won’t have time for the next big thing.

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