Not An Ice Queen.

“One of the most HELPFUL, not hurtful, things about being a woman in business is our ability to become use our “female” traits like empathy, patience, and vulnerability.” - @nicolelapin

What about the iconic Boss Lady we all grew up with, Miranda Priestly? Played fabulously by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, we were all raised on the concept that in order to be respected we needed to be referred to as “the dragon lady”. ⠀

I’m not going to lie, Miranda captivated me since I was a kid, and still does, but I am confident enough to admit that I am never going to be like her. Not matter how successful or “important” I get, because it’s just not in my DNA. ⠀

I’m quiet, I’m “too nice”, and I will not argue with you. ⠀

I’m also actually going to listen during a conversation, people come to me to work out their problems, and I can easily diffuse a heated situation. ⠀

All traits of a great leader, or perhaps an exceptional one. ⠀

You know what I think? I think that the Andy’s can be Boss Ladies just as well as the Miranda’s. ⠀

I think you can be an introvert and be in charge. ⠀

I think you can be empathetic towards others and still have people meet your standards. ⠀

I think you can be patient and still make deadline. ⠀

In a world that craves connection, balance, and innovation, “feminine” characteristics are not just needed but are required! ⠀




I will take being a Super Woman over being an Ice Queen any day, every day.🦸‍♀️💪👊

Becoming Super Woman by Nicole Lapin: