Opinions are none of your business.

I am💯guilty for caring way too much about what everyone else thinks. ⠀

I usually get hung up on how they perceive me. Am I classy enough? Nice enough? Do they think I’m smart or interesting? Was I rude? Too invasive? Did I talk to much? ⠀

When I read these words in “Girl Wash Your Face” it hit me hard because that was exactly the way I needed to think of it. That maybe it’s actually rude ofme to care so much about what someone else thinks of me because it’s really none of my business.🤷‍♀️

Sure gave me a wash of relief.😅

The thing is too, is that it can take something so small to completely change someone’s mind. I actually wasn’t a huge Rachel Hollis fan for the past couple years. Not necessarily that I didn’t like her, but I didn’t know if she was for me. ⠀

It wasn’t until I listened to a podcast episode where Jenna Kutcher interviewed Rachel’s husband, Dave and I was curious about the book he just wrote. ⠀

Which lead to me finally reading “Girl Wash Your Face” and left me wondering where has Rachel been all my life? ⠀

I went from a skeptic to a full-blown raving fan in a day. ⠀

Every interaction and how you’re perceived has so many different factors and you just can’t control them all, and trying to do so will drive you crazy. ⠀

You also can’t change someone’s mind for them, they truly have to do that all on their own. ⠀

All we can do is put our best foot forward, be the kind of person we are truly proud to be, and stay out of other people’s business.❤️