Own Your Everyday

“I might not be where I want to be, but I am where I’m suppose to be. My circumstances don’t define me. I’ll press on past the pressure to prove because God made me on purpose for a purchase. I’ll choose to see people. I’ll share my story even before I get to the happy ending. I’ll give my gifts away instead of just looking for my gift. Instead of avoiding failure, I’ll bravely step into the fun of the adventure. I’ll be a culture changer instead of being changed by the culture. I’ll celebrate the beauty of this season and the challenges that come with change. I’ll embrace the waiting, and in the middle of it, I’ll love people with a heart of intentional purpose.” - Jordan Lee Dooley Own Your Everyday

I truly loved the messages in this book and the warm voice that Jordan carries throughout. She speaks on perfectionism, insecurities, faith, imposters syndrome, self love, personal fulfillment, and so much more. ⠀

She takes you on an extensive journey through her experiences, success, and failure that is equally inspiring and heartwarming. ⠀

There were plenty of time when I felt like I was chatting with Jordan at my kitchen table. ⠀

This is such a good read and I highly recommend for any woman looking to break into the personal development genre. ❤️