Post-Grad Blues

I was depressed the entire first year after graduation. ⠀

I didn’t graduate with an exciting new job, in a new city, with a great salary. I didn’t plan on going to grad school, and I was still in the middle of trying to create by business with absolutely no clue when it would be ready to launch. ⠀

I spent the entire year feeling unsure of myself and my decisions. ⠀

I felt embarrassed about not going to grad school. ⠀

I felt frustrated with how long the book was taking to finish. ⠀

I was scared that my plan was going to crumble. ⠀

I was so overwhelmed by all of these emotions and I had no idea how to get away from them. ⠀

The only think I knew how to do, was keep my head down and work until things got better. ⠀

Which, you know, in hindsight, I feel like that worked, but at the time, it felt like nothing was ever going to change. ⠀

At this point now, I do feel stronger and more accomplished, with a better idea of the path I’m on. ⠀

Things are looking up, with the book being published next week, and a promotion at my job. ⠀ ⠀

But it was not without struggle and a LOT of work. ⠀

I just really want you Boss Ladies to know that it’s not all good times, and brunch, and normal work weeks. ⠀

It’s plastering a smile when someone is underestimating and demeaning you. ⠀

It’s budgeting, sacrificing, and praying that your 9-year-old laptop doesn’t crap out on you. ⠀

It’s working hard all day, then coming home to work another 6-8 hours on a Saturday night. ⠀

This stuff isn’t easy, and I get it. ⠀

It’s ok to be going through a hard time now, just know that it does get better and things do change. ⠀

Just stay focused on your goals and know that Future Boss Lady is here to cheer you on. #FBL

Photo Credit: @paigebeaubienphotography