Real talk... this was the week from hell. ⠀

Customers yelled at me, I got anxiety going to the grocery store... or really anywhere, Jared went from being on-track for a promotion to getting all his hours cut, and we canceled my mom’s birthday staycation as well as, Jared’s and my vacation with our friends that we’ve been looking forward to since September. ⠀

Just sucks, but things like the @goaldiggerpodcast and and @xoamandafrances have been keeping me hopeful and motivated to find the silver lining and make this a part of my story. ⠀

I read an article that stated that Newton came up with the law of gravity when he was quarantined during the Great Plague (I didn’t fact check, so sorry if that’s BS) but that just really made me think. ⠀

What do I want to accomplish during the pandemic? How can I made this time in history part of my journey to success? ⠀

The best I can do for everyone and help is to stay inside and do what I love: ⠀

• Read ⠀

• Write ⠀

• Create ⠀

It’s literally my people pleasing paradise.😅

Which resulted in my first night off grabbing @mrdavehollis new book and spending the night unwinding and digging into personal development. ⠀

Wine and cookies are both involved.😅With a little grit and some willpower to keep my shit together I’m hoping to come out of this more centered and ready for the next level. ⠀

But hey, tell me, what are you going to accomplish during the pandemic? What is going to be your law of gravity? Please share in the comments below!

Get the book here: