Resolution Refresh

Sara Cummins Photography

Checking in: How are those New Years Goals coming along?

Can you believe we are already halfway through 2019? I feel like this year is going by freakishly fast, but at the same time, so much has happened!

On January 1st, I had one main goal:

1. Publish Future Boss Lady

As that goal was accomplished in April, I now have a slew of new and exciting goals to add to the list. Leaving me feeling like I needed to revisit and refresh those New Years Resolutions.

I got some things to add! Like:

  • Triple book sales by August

  • Pay back all FBL debts

  • Launch FBL mini set

When I went back to do that I was reminded of several other goals and bucket list points that I had completely forgotten about! Some including:

  • Throw a Future Boss Lady Dinner Party

  • Write in a journal weekly

  • Take Jared’s and my close friends to the wine scene in Cottonwood

There were also goals that are still pending and semi-haunting me.

  • Launch Future Boss Lady Podcast

  • Grow FBL Instagram to 1500 followers by 2020

  • Build up savings account to $10,000

Yeesh… looks like I still have a lot to work on…

However, it was so beneficial to circle back and reflect, and now I’m excited to update everything and end this year with a bang!

The packet that I am referring to is currently $10 in the Future Boss Lady shop, as it’s a 10 page packet with interactive worksheets and content. For this month only that packet will be FREE so that all of you Boss Ladies can map out your goals and get some things done!

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