Style Your Mind

I’ve recently invested in (like all) of Cara Alwill Leyba’s books, one of them being her “Style Your Mind” workbook — which has me answering a LOT of questions about what I want in life and for myself. ⠀

Big questions, like: “What can I do to reach my highest self and true success?” ⠀

One of her assignments is to write down three positive thoughts that will help you live your best life, and Ijust wanted to share mine with you today. ⠀

• Your intuition and natural instinct will lead you towards success and ultimate happiness. ⠀

Lately I’m working on trusting my gut more and relying on my own knowledge and decision making. ⠀

• You are constantly surrounded by people who love you — you are never alone. ⠀

This journey can feel extremely lonely sometimes and I’m working on remembering that no matter what, I have Jared to hug at the end of the day, incredible friends, and a niece and nephew I can snuggle at any time. That’s pretty incredible and I need to acknowledge that more. ⠀

• Success is inevitable as long as you keep working and remain focused on the goal.

I have this time scarcity mindset and anxiety where I think that if I don’t accomplished EVERYTHING, RIGHT NOW then it’s just never going to happen. I’m trying to have more faith that as long as I keep pushing, great things will come in time. ⠀

I loved this exercise, and it helped me tap into what I really want from my best life. Turns out I want to: ⠀

• Believe in myself ⠀

• Be surrounded by people I love ⠀

• Achieve my dreams ⠀

Now I want to know yours! In the comments below tell me three positive thoughts that will help you live your best life! ⠀

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