Welcome to my blog.... again.

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Starting a blog sounds like a great way to get your name out there and maybe even make some money. Problem is... they are really freaking hard to keep up with.

This is the fourth blog I have tried to start in the past five years. The first time was in high school when I realized I wanted to become a writer and I ended up creating more of an online diary than an actual blog. The second time was when I discovered Sex and the City and tried to be Carrie Bradshaw. A venture I ultimately failed in because while I idolize her, I am no Bradshaw. The third time was a little closer with a blog about my experiences in school and in my various jobs in the wedding industry. Problem was, there were too many priorities higher up on the list, and skipping one day lead to skipping all the days. Now, I present to you, attempt number four. I am so sorry Facebook friends and family for this... I cannot guarantee it won't happen again.

Keeping up with a blog is extremely difficult, especially when you have school, jobs, and internships to prioritize first. I would finish all of my school work after coming home from an eight-hour shift, and there was no possible way I was going to sit down and write a post at 12:00 am.

However, even after each attempt that failed, I still knew that I wanted to write every day, and I wanted to write content that I actually cared about. There's simply a designated time for everything. My time at ASU was the opportunity to not only focus on my studies but to gather the life experiences and content that I needed to actually have something to write about. It was then, that I thought of the concept of FBL to begin with because I failed so many times. I failed in classes, interviews, jobs, cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of my car, renting an apartment, and in my personal and professional relationships. Over and over and over again. To where I desperately not only needed help but also wanted to hear from someone that they failed too. At anything.

I looked everywhere for guidance. I bought tons of books, sought out mentorship, called my mom like every other day. Yet, I couldn't find what I needed as a beginner, so that I could lay down the foundation for my future, more successful self. I wanted my future self to be an amazing leader in the workplace, to be extremely successful financially and in her relationships, be a bomb AF cook, super fit, and fashionable, all the while being an elegant and graceful person all around.

This desire ultimately lead up to the brain-child and creation of Future Boss Lady. I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be but I needed more information on how to get there, and if I needed that, then maybe others did too. FBL is designed to be outlet for the women who are striving to be their most successful selves, but maybe don't know how to, or don't have the resources to get there. A forum where women can consult each other, lean on each other, and go to when they need the inspiration to keep striving towards the goal.

Friends and family, I apologize if you have to read five, ten or even twenty more of these posts, but I really hope this is the last. Post-graduation, pre-life is a great stage to try to push the baby dream out of the nest, and I hope that you guys are there to fly with me.

Here's to all of the Future Boss Ladies. May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.

With all my love,

Anna Furrey #FBL