Why I Can't Shut Up About JABZ

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

I was driving home after work and I was listening to this podcast about "dreamers" and "doers" and I felt like the guy was straight-up talking to me.

The podcast was all about those who dream of something they want and they just dream and dream and dream. Maybe making an effort here and there to feel like their doing something. Then the doers decide that they want to do something and they make it happen. I was at this point where I was relatively fit, physically, but I had low energy, I was feeling really depressed post-graduation, I was breaking out with acne, and I had migraines almost every day.

I looked fit, because I'm 22 with a highly-athletic background, but I didn't feel fit or healthy at all.

I had gotten to the point where I was really ready to do something about it. I had looked into JABZ did the free week, and I really liked it, but didn't feel like I could justify the cost. Well, in this podcast, at this point I feel like the speaker is speaking to me, he talked about investing in yourself with actual money. He even used the gym as an example. He made the point that if you pay $10/mo for a gym, there's a slight inclination to use that membership. But if you're paying $100/mo for the same gym, you're going to make sure you're using that membership to its fullest extent.

Which lead to me signing up for JABZ that week. JABZ is an all women's gym with designated 1-hour classes where you do boxing circuit training. You have a coach for every class and you pay monthly, so you can sign up for whatever classes you want via their app. I walked in on my first official day and the coach immediate introduced herself to me, and I got a pair of very bad-ass-feeling boxing gloves. I immediately felt accepted and excited to be there.

I chose to go with JABZ because it seemed like a workout that would challenge me, in an environment, I felt comfortable in.

I grew up working out in a gym full of women at gymnastics practice every day. I went to practice at a designated time with a routine to do, and a coach to motivate and teach me. Which is very similar to how JABZ is run, so I felt like JABS would almost be like the adult version of the workout style I'm used to.

So far, I am in week three of attending class 4-5 times a week, and I am in LOVE.

In addition to the new workout schedule, I've made changes to my diet. I started with replacing my sugary coffee creamer with coconut milk creamer. Then I found a salad at the cafe near my work that I really like. I completely cut out soda, and I have been consciously trying to cook more healthy and fresh meals at home. Again, this is only week three, but I think it's going pretty well so far. I still have cravings, and I can still cut down on sweets and vices, but overall I can actually notice a huge difference in my energy levels, skin, body and mood.

I feel so much healthier, happier and more inspired.

My skin isn't 100% clear, but it's a lot better than it was a week ago. I have noticed that I'm looking a little leaner and more toned. I'm happier at work and at home, and I actually get really excited to go to JABZ after working an 8-hour shift. I have also been cooking after my workouts, and working on my brand and side projects late into the night with energy and inspiration.

I know I sound really annoying. Like, "Girl I know working out makes you feel good. Next.", but I am all about women feeling as boss as possible. As an FBL, you are building the foundation for the rest of your life, and creating healthy habits now will really benefit you in the long run. It's hard to design your best life when you don't feel like your best self.

Thanks for reading about how I can't shut up about JABZ and how my three weeks of decently healthy living lead to this great epiphany. I would love to hear about your workout and healthy eating routines in the comments below!