Working out isn’t just for “sporty” people. ⠀

Getting a workout in can mean: ⠀

• Taking your dog for a walk. ⠀

• Riding your bike to the nearest coffee shop. ⠀

• Going on a hike. ⠀

• Stretching. ⠀

It’s just about getting your body moving so that you can realign and refocus. ⠀

Did you know that just going for a walk after a long work session can clear your mind and spark creativity?🎨

Walking and listening to the rhythm of your steps and heartbeat can also be a great way to meditate and relax your mind.🧘‍♀️

In addition, mindful stretching can be a super affective form of stress and tension relief.🤸‍♀️

I was told in one of my boxing classes that women apparently carry most of their stress in their hips — just a fun fact for ya.🤣

The best part is that your workout will release dopamine guaranteeing to lift your mood overall.🙌

The most important thing is that you’re healthy, feeling amazing, and getting into a high-vibe state of mind. Treating yourself to a workout is a quick and easy way to get you on the fast-track.✨💪

In the comments below share what your workout is going to look like today! “I really regret that workout” - Said No One Ever ⠀

Art Credit: @melsysillustrations