You get to be BOTH ok! ⠀

Ive always felt like I had to choose one or the other: city OR country, sports OR fashion, pretty OR smart, domestic OR independent. ⠀

It’s always this pick and choose system that never quite settled with me. ⠀

In many occasions I’ve felt too “prissy” to be allowed on the hike, or to go fishing, or camping. Yet I’ve felt too rugged to fit in at fancy restaurants, parties, or clubs. Too “basic” to appreciate art and music, and too plain to pull off the latest trends. ⠀

Here’s the truth though. ⠀

I will often spend the day in a dress, full face of makeup, and hair done — to then throw on sweats after my shift and lift heavy at the gym while listening to rap. After that I go home and read/write/work on my business. Or some days I cook dinner for myself and my fiancé. ⠀

In a single given day I’m a polished high-end sales woman, a sweaty weight lifter, an introverted book nerd, and a doting fiancé (at minimum). In addition to being an employee, coworker, mentor, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. ⠀

Point is... ⠀

I don’t think that how I look or the way I dress has an ounce to do with my intelligence. ⠀

I don’t think my small town, country girl background hinders me professionally in the slightest. ⠀

I don’t think I have to choose between being an independent Boss Lady or being a dedicated, loving partner to my fiancé. ⠀

I get to be it all. ⠀

I get to love campfires out of the farm just as much as I love manicures or getting my hair done. ⠀

I get to be a business woman AND a family woman. ⠀

I get love the hell out of my niece and nephew and not be ready for kids yet. ⠀

I get to do what I want, and be who I want to be because I don’t live in a box, and I don’t need to be labeled. ⠀

Today I kayaked down a river and swam with the fishies — and tonight I’m drinking wine in a bubble bath. 🤷‍♀️ 🛁 Both being completely aligned with my MO, because I choose that. ⠀

There’s absolutely no point in limiting yourself of life’s greatest moments simply because you think it’s “off brand” or you’re not allowing yourself to. There are no expectations, “standards”, or rules that are worth it. ⠀

Art Cred: @rubycreates_