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Downloadable PDF Packet with Content and Interractive Worksheets 


This packet is for you if:

►You’re creating or updating your resume 

►You’re writing a cover letter  

►You’re applying for your dream job 

►You’re applying for a part-time, weekend, or after school job

►You’re preparing for an in-person interview 

►You’re preparing for a phone or video interview


What you can expect: 


►Resume and Cover Letter: This is the introduction section to creating a resume and writing a cover letter. This is all content-based with some tips for success to look over before you get started. 


►Your Resume: Here is where we will zero in on the resume creation and how to make sure it’s relevant, thorough, and appealing for your hiring manager. This section is also accompanied by the Resume Outline where you will get to map out all of the information you need, and outline your special skills. 

○ Resume Outline: An interactive worksheet that you can copy and use over and over when creating and updating your resume. 


►Your Cover Letter:  Here is where you will learn about the cover letter creation and how to really let your personality and skills shine for your hiring manager. This is when you let them know who you are, so this part is very important for the hiring process. 

○ Cover Letter Guide: An interactive worksheet that you can copy and use over and over to organize your ideas and skills for your cover letter. Remember, you want to make it short, and very sweet. 


►Interview Outfits: Here is where we will talk about the art of interview outfits and what is the best thing to wear in order to make a stellar first impression.

○ Interview Outfit Inspo Mood Board: A collage of different outfit ideas for your interview! Please note that this inspo sheet is meant to act almost like a Pinterest Board -- None of this content was created by Future Boss Lady Co.


►Interview: Here is where you will learn in-person interview tips and tricks to ensure that you’ll knock their socks off and get that job! 


►Phone and Video Interviews: With the rise of technology there are more and more interviews being conducted via phone or video. This section is dedicated to preparing for these and making sure you can still make an impact even through a device.  

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